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Recent stuff on GLONO (in case you missed it)

Postby Jake » Tue Aug 31, 2004 8:53 am

Crunk in Public: The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards
Devoid of controversy, its skin covered up, and generally reeking of self-congratulatory bullshit, the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards were a nonstarter of hoobastankian proportions.
By Johnny Loftus

Curiosa: Joyfully Gloomy
There was more to the Curiosa Festival than doom and eye-liner, but the Cure still managed to conjure up the traumatic rollercoaster emotions of adolescence.
By Jake Brown

Paper Airplane Pilots: It's Hot Tonight
The Paper Airplane Pilots warm a chilly Chicago crowd with some of the tightest power pop to come out of this area since Rick Nielsen donned a five-neck, checkerboard guitar.
By Derek Phillips

MP3: Idle, Eric - The FCC Song
"The FCC Song" by Monty Python's Eric Idle....
By Jake Brown

(Un)Perfect Day: Play something we like
What exactly is it that audiences are listening for when they attend concerts? For performers without hits, can the audience ever be satisfied with a set?
By Stephen Macaulay

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