Athens, Georgia

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Athens, Georgia

Postby Heitzie » Tue Oct 05, 2004 3:03 am

I'm going to Athens, Georgia (and Atlanta) this weekend, if anybody here has been there in the last 5 years or so and knows the best places to look for good music (live or otherwise) or just to hang out please let me know.

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Postby creepy » Tue Oct 05, 2004 10:05 am

just head on over to mike stipe's house... i hear he makes a mean veggie burger...

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Postby Tim » Tue Oct 05, 2004 11:54 am

I live in Atlanta, and though I don't get out as much as I used to, there are a few places you can check out.

There's Smith's Old Bar
You can usually catch some decent local acts here.

Blind Willie's -
A great place for blues, if you're into that.

Dark Horse/Ten High Club -
More local bands.

I would advise against going to the Buckhead area of bars. Those are your cheese dance club areas. Traffic is awful there too. Not a great music scene there as most likely you'll find a cover band playing in the few non-dance clubs.
You're best bet is the Virginia Highlands bar area or Little Five Points. Both are cool areas.

I've been to Athens a few times, and you should check out the famous 40 Watt Club.
Athens is a great city, you'll have more fun there. Its big party college town, and there are a shitload of bars. Plenty of live music everywhere. I think their football team is playing at home, so be ready for a party.

try this link its a map of clubs that offer live music

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Postby Heitzie » Wed Oct 06, 2004 1:17 am

Actually I'll be at that football game! Besides being a big music fan I'm a stupid hesher who loves college football, so I have tickets to that and the Falcons on Sunday.

Thanks for the excellent information. I'm just going to miss Rilo Kiley at the 40 Watt on Wednesday (I'll be in Memphis then) which kind of sucks, but I'll be sure to check the 40 Watt out anyway.

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Postby Dawg » Thu Oct 07, 2004 10:43 am

Well, well, well. I am your man. I have lived in Athens for the last 26 years.

You mentioned the 40 Watt, which is a pretty obvious one. Right around the corner from the Watt on Clayton St. is the Caledonia Lounge which is a small club (and actually housed the Watt at one time) that usually has some fine music. Also try Tasty World, a three story club on the main drag downtown.

There are many, many bars in Athens, but be careful (especially this weekend - the Tennessee/UGA game is going to be HUGE) that you don't hit a frat bar. You'd probably enjoy the Manhattan and Lunch Paper (both within a block of the 40 Watt).

There are two cool coffee houses if you're into that kind of thing, Blue Sky on College Av. and Hot Corner (again, the same block as the 40 Watt).

Great restaurants are too numerous to mention, but you HAVE to eat at the Grit on Prince Av. It's technically not downtown, but easily within walking distance.

Hit this link for the Flagpole, Athens' alternative magazine. They will list all kinds of bands and venues:

Hey , I'm a HUGE football fan too (as my username may attest). These are heady times in Georgia: the UGA Bulldogs are 4-0 and creamed LSU last week, and the Falcons of all teams are 4-0 too! The town will not be itself this weekend with all the UGA / UT craziness, but the places I recommended are not football crowd hangouts if you catch me.

I will check back in to see if you have other questions - I'd also like to hear how your trip was.

Have fun!

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Postby Chris G » Fri Oct 08, 2004 12:05 am


Heitzie wrote:(I'll be in Memphis then) which kind of sucks...

Heitzie, goto
Goner Records of Memphis music board. It's run by Eric Oblivion of The Oblivions.

I've always said, 'I like being from Memphis, a lot more than I like being in Memphis,' or as my friend Perry likes to say, 'You really don't know what it means if you're not from there, but they don't call it the Home of the Blues for nothing.'


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Postby Heitzie » Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:41 am

Sorry I was absent from posting for so long, I don't take a laptop or any electronic communications on vacation, so....

Since I was travelling with a co-worker (not a music fan)I didn't hit any bars in Athens other than the little bar next to Schoolkid's records, to watch the Oklahoma-Texas game before the Bulldogs-Vols. That game was great except for the ending. But it was exciting, anyway. Only in the South will you see guys in the endzone holding signs that read "Queer Sex is sin" and "God hates fags" and then when David Greene (Georgia QB) comes on the field, the man behind me shouts "I love you David Greene!". But in truth people are for the most part more friendly and helpful in the South than in the North, which I found out living in Kentucky 4 years ago.

Yeah, I'm not real crazy about Memphis as Chris G noticed. I drove in after 12:00 AM on a Monday night via Highway 78 and the usual assortment of aged, ovewrweight hookers were out around the motels and truckstops. Driving through Kentucky and Tennessee is a pleasure, and I do it during daylight. Driving through Memphis-Arkansas-Missouri is a bore and i try to do it during the evening.

High points -
Downtown Atlanta and Olympic Park (got to see Hawks scrimmage for free, see Kevin Willis who has been playing since I was in Jr. High)
Tupelo, Miss. (Birthplace of Elvis, which I visited while giving Graceland a pass)
Athens, GA (even though there were a lot of hardcore Bush supporters in town for the game)
Tennesse except for Memphis

Low points -
traffic in Atlanta
some fishing tournament in southern Kentucky which booked up all the hotels from Paducah to Nashville

Next year I plan on going to another SEC in Athens and will try to stay in town to check things out better. One thing I already miss is the weather. I stopped in Iowa City for the Iowa-Ohio State game on Saturday and it was 22 degrees compared to 75 in Athens the week before. Maybe I should quit my bank job and go back to school in the South.

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