Fuck you, America

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Post by jonas »

I hate to say this, but at some point the Dems are going to have to become big fucking liars like the GOP if they want to win. Bush simply repeated the same lies over and over, and no matter how often he was publicly repudiated he just went and repeated them again.

Also, how brilliant was it to put gay marriage on the ballot in key states? Do you really think the 44% of voters between 18-29 are simply stupid? As it happens, a big chunk of them are conservative Christians [we can debate somewhere else if that also makes them stupid]. Fully 25% of voters in Ohio declared themselves to be conservative Christians, and I'm sure that put Bush over. Salon is right that Hillary is the wrong person to win the Presidency - though Edwards is too - but it will have to be someone who talks a lot about religious values. It's not impossible to be both liberal and religious [in fact it seems like it would be more common than it is], and we need a candidate who can show that.

I am very depressed this morning, but I still clearly remember Clinton winning, and know it can be done...so I don't plan to give up yet.

Peace, y'all.

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Post by Baltimucho »

I don't know what would have worked better. No matter who is trotted out as the Democratic nominee, the Republicans would find an angle and hammer away -- Edwards is a dangerously inexperienced trial lawyer; Dean is an unhinged New England liberal with unpredictable temper; and every Democrat wants to force your children to have abortions and/or be gay. We need to find a way to break through that stupid "values" crap and connect on issues that actually make a difference in people's lives.

And we also have to somehow break the impression that a generation of Americans have that all Democrats are weak and wimpy on foreign policy.

So many voters are willfully uninformed and refuse to see how Bush's policies and actions are hurting them directly and rather vote based on the false image of Bush as someone who understands them. What bothers me so much are the people who proudly state that they "don't follow politics." Well, that sounds like you're above the fray, but what it usually means is you are uninformed and have no clue about the policies of the people for whom you are voting.

This sucks.

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Post by dieblucasdie »

Yeah, this is pretty much entirely the fault of the youth vote. Blacks, Hispanics, gays, came out in droves in the swing states, and voted even more overwhelmingly for Kerry than for Gore.


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Post by JonathanB »

Another depressed progressive liberal here...

I think the conservative propaganda machine (Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and their ilk) has a lot to do with the anti libreral sentiment in the country over the past decade or so. They repeat their lies and repeat their lies and pretty soon all of the clueless idiots believe. The left has done very little to counter that propaganda.

I am truly nervous with what Bush and his gang will do to our country in the next four years. Our stand in the global community, civil rights, the environment, health care, jobs... God help us.

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Post by Lep »

JonathanB wrote:I think the conservative propaganda machine ...
repeat their lies and repeat their lies and pretty soon all of the clueless idiots believe. The left has done very little to counter that propaganda.
The left? Hell, they've got the center looking like wild-eyed anarchists to lots of rational-thought-challenged 'Muricans.

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Post by WalterCracker »

I wonder if Chirac will be ringing Bush to offer his congratulations.....

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Post by booker »

Jake, I'm with you. I just want to say fuck it. Fuck everybody. And, most especially, fuck stupid people. (Sorry, I know that rings of self importance, but I don't give a shit.)

You won't catch me ranting on these boards very much, but today I don't care. Rush Limbaugh had the audacity recently to say that stupid, uninformed people shouldn't be allowed to vote. If that were the case, of course, his man would never get reelected.

Even if, by some miracle, Kerry gets Ohio, this whole thing is still a drag. This election was about values, not policy. And what I want to know is how "liberal" values became un-American.

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Post by Sugarcubes Forever »

jonas wrote:It's not impossible to be both liberal and religious [in fact it seems like it would be more common than it is], and we need a candidate who can show that.
That's what Liberals used to be like. There was this dude named Martin Luther King Jr who was a Liberal (with a capitol "L") and a Baptist Preacher to boot!

you're thinking all wrong, though. You're thinking is what gave us Al Gore and John Kerry to begin with. What was the number one reason Dems voted for Kerry in the primary? I believe the answer was that Dems believed that Kerry would appeal to "other" voters (mainly because of his verteran status).

But the only Dem running in the primary who polled strongly with Republican, moderates and independants was John Edwards!!!!!

Too many Liberals are also pussies. Quit your cryin in your beer.

Once liberals stop thinking that everyone "just has to agree with us" and start listening to what people actually say they want, the Democratic party will start winning again.

That's what Bill Clinton did. How hard could it be?

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Post by creepy »

edwards wouldn't carry his own state... he's more of a political nothing than dubya was 4 years ago... i say the dems nominate jocelyn elders in '08... throw everybody for a loop...

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Post by trainwreck2 »

Im just scared now...Osama got his recruiter in office like he wanted with his videotape...