Fuck you, America

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dieblucasdie: Much wisdom you speak, yes.
And thankyou for that link.
It might be too late for anyone to find this one funny, but I watched it while this shit was just starting to go down last night and it still made me laugh.
To quote another hotly-debated topic around here (Coldplay): "Everything's not lost."

EDIT: and in the middle of all this, California has okayed stem cell research?? what the fuck is going on?

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It's over..

AP: Kerry Calls Bush to Concede Election

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nobodygirl wrote:EDIT: and in the middle of all this, California has okayed stem cell research?? what the fuck is going on?

Damn, I hate those fucking stem cells!

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Sugarcubes Forever wrote:

Damn, I hate those fucking stem cells!
You may have misunderstood me. I'm all for it. Very much so. I'm just surprised that something like that slipped through in the midst of all this Republican grandstanding.
In other news: Fuck.

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Sugarcubes Forever wrote: you're thinking all wrong, though. You're thinking is what gave us Al Gore and John Kerry to begin with. What was the number one reason Dems voted for Kerry in the primary? I believe the answer was that Dems believed that Kerry would appeal to "other" voters (mainly because of his verteran status).
Which is a form of the same argument you make when you say
But the only Dem running in the primary who polled strongly with Republican, moderates and independants was John Edwards!!!!!
That's right, it even came down to electability for you. But the fact is that Edwards wouldn't stand a chance in 2008 against Giuliani - too young, too glib, and too lacking in gravitas and experience. Anyway, for some reason voters like gubernatorial (or goobernatorial in Bush's case) experience more than they like senatorial experience.

If Lieberman weren't so soporofic he might be a good candidate.

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Proud today to be from California, where Kerry won overwhelmingly, Boxer was re-elected, stem-cell research looks to have won, our outrageously Draconian three-strikes law looks like it will be amended, but I am very depressed today. I do consider myself a liberal, but I'm not a far left, crazy liberal. I don't understand how I can be so far away from the American mainstream. I don't understand how the issues and solutions that are important to me are so different from most of the rest of the country. And I sure as shit do not understand how the man who oversaw the greatest intelligence failure in US history, whose watch saw the worst terrorist attack in US history, who oversaw the greatest numbers in job loss since the Great Depression, who failed to capture the man responsible for that terrorist attack, who led us into an uprovoked war of aggression with no end in sight based on bad intelligence at best and outright lies at worst, who has championed the dismantling of some very basic environmental protections like weakening the clean air and water act and protecting forests from forest fires by cutting them down and who intends to enshrine bigotry against gays and lesbians into our Constitution could win re-election by over 3 million votes. I guess I don't really want to be in step with the rest of this country, but I intend to fight these trends every way I can. Now I just have to figure out how.

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I'm listening to NPR and the guest suggests that young people didn't vote because the draft was voted down. How naive! Mark my words, that monster will raise it's head before the year is out. Bodies will continue drop in Iraq, and they'll need to be replaced. Get your head shaved boys and girls because you're about to pay for your apathy.

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jaimoe0, exceptionally well and succintly put.

It's good to know that there's people like yourself and the other posters out there who define the "Think! It's patriotic" maxim.

My condolences to the 45% or so that voted for Kerry - for whatever reasons and remember "Ne te confundant illegitimi!"

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Kerry calls Bush; concedes election.

http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/11/ ... index.html

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I'm so sorry guys, this really sucks.