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Sugarcubes Forever wrote:My point was that Dems are dipshits. They made an uniformed choice based on their Liberal-thinking stereotypes of "the rest" of americans are like.
Thank you. A far more accurate take than "The American people are sheep." Keep believing the latter, and keep losing. The democrats have a lot of thinking to do. Start with walking papers for McAuliffe.
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D. Phillips wrote:I hate to think what colossal mistake this administration has to make for the American public to hold them accountable.
I don't think there's anything they could possibly do that they couldn't just deny or ignore. The People will forget it. The media won't hammer it home. These guys make Reagan look like velcro. The People just don't care.

They won. We lost. Let's go somewhere else and let them have their bankrupt, polluted, terrorized shithole of a country. We can't win. We did our best and it wasn't enough. It's not going to get better. Ever.

They're constantly changing the rules to make sure they can't lose. Look at the state of Texas' redistricting fiasco. You think shit like that's not going to continue to happen all over the country? It's over.
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Three cheers for running out Terry McAuliffe, who certainly attempted a "rush to judgement" and stifled any debated against nominating Kerry IMO. We might well have lost with Dean anyway but at least we would have lost with a clear identity.

I have been a vocal partisan for Dascle here but it cannot be a huge surprise to see him lose. He attempted to run as a conservative and there was a huge out-of state ad blitz for Thune, who is somewhere to the right of John Ashcroft but was able to catch Daschle in a lot of contradictions in what he says (conservative) and how he votes (left). Now I'm all in favor of that, but the rednecks west of the Missouri are not, and Thune managed to wake up his base with some healty gay-bashing and war-mongering. Sadly, this uneducated bigot will more accurately represent this state that the calm, personable Mr Daschle did.

The real galling point is that Bush has had failure after failure and still "enegized his base" (religious zealots, bigots, people who think Saddam caused 9-11) enough to win. Salutations from Redneck Nation.
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Heitzie, your avatar is kind of fitting right now. I know it's always been that one, but I feel like I should thank you for it.

Also from another board:

To a friend whose work has come to nothing (WB Yeats)

Now all the truth is out, be secret and take defeat/ From any brazen throat, for how can you compete/ Being honour bred, with one who, were it proved he lies/ Were shamed neither in his own nor his neighbor's eyes? Bred to a harder thing than triumph, turn away/ And like a laughing string whereon mad fingers play/ Amid a place of stone, be secret and exult/ Because of all things, that is most difficult
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Bush has obviously had some success or he wouldn't be president right now. The fact that we on the left fail to see any of it is a big part of why we continue to lose ground to the right.
D. Phillips
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I guess it depends on how you define "success." What rates as a success to the right is an utter, and embrassing failure to me.
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Take heart Jake! This won't dull the terrible sting of defeat, but it gives me hope just knowing that you guys are down there, fighting the good fight. One of the reasons I keep coming back to GloNo is to reassure myself that there are a few candles glowing in the darkness.

I remember that some of you mentioned Viktor Frankel's book, Man's Search for Meaning, awhile ago. Now seems like the perfect time to dust that one off!
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This is fabulous...republicans have stronger control over the house and senate, and Bush can do whatever he wants without considering re-election. A return of the 80's and the Reagan era! Hooray!

You're right Jake...cynical slackerdom will rise again with a vengence. Eric Bachman, Steve Malkmus and friends are all saying 'Told you so' right now.
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William Saletan hits a chord again at Slate.com


THIS is what I'm talkin about.
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(Okay, it's out of the system for the moment.)

I live in Oklahoma. For those of you unfamiliar with the Sooner State, we have given the world some really great stuff, especially if you like music. Woody Guthrie, Charlie Christian, The Gap Band, and The Flaming Lips are all Okies- Wayne still lives in OKC, for crying out loud (and it's a trip to run into him at Borders).

Then there's some of our other contributions. I think about guys like Jim "outraged at the outrage" Inhofe and our newest senator, Tom "Dr. No" Coburn. Oh, and don't get me started on Istook...

We're a "red state." I'm a "blue" person.

In 2002, I ran for state legislature as a 22-year-old college senior in a district "represented" by Forrest Claunch, a self-righteous right wing zealot if ever there was one. He was entrenched, having been in office since 1994 and becoming the #2 Republican in the House. I wasn't given much of a shot- my district was skewing considerably more conservative with every day.

He raised nearly $70,000. I had about 15 by November. I earned 46% of the popular vote.

So, yeah, I was depressed. I mean, I lost, for cryin' out loud! I withdrew from party meetings and tried to tune it out for a while.

This year, though, it hit me: A college kid who went out and banged on every door he could very nearly unseat someone like that- in fact, he lost all leadership positions and decided to retire.

What I am getting at is that the DailyKoz piece was exactly right. It's time to organize and start fighting back, right now. If we can use this time to re-educate the young electorate and mobilize them for the next go-round, we can do this.

I was at a watch party last night at a friend's house (beer and pizza! Wahoo!) and was shocked that I was in the majority for once. I get the feeling that mobilization will be more fruitful than we think at this point.

GloNo is based in Chicago, right? You just elected a senator that is giving a lot of us hope out here in "enemy territory." The Obama message is dead on- now it's up to us to take it to the streets for the next two years (House races; some state/local races) and four years (you know).