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Postby quasarwutwut » Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:17 pm

Done best (I think) by Groucho in Duck Soup:

"Oh Lydia, oh Lydia, say, have you met Lydia?
Lydia The Tattooed Lady.
She has eyes that folks adore so,
and a torso even more so.
Lydia, oh Lydia, that encyclo-pidia.
Oh Lydia The Queen of Tattoo.
On her back is The Battle of Waterloo.
Beside it, The Wreck of the Hesperus too.
And proudly above waves the red, white, and blue.
You can learn a lot from Lydia"

I think there's 6 or 7 more verses too. Classic song. As I'm posting this I seem to remember Kermit doing a version on The Muppet Show as well.

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Postby Lep » Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:19 pm

OK, two tatto poems by Google Talk (not the Internet phone thingy):

I got a tat
of a drum
the sound of the Future
the electronic commerce Directive
which is due
to the fact that the spending pressures
of the war in Iraq and the Middle East

I got tattoos
on their bodies,
and their management,
in the United STATES,
Code Title CHAPTER and section Headings
contained herein are PROVIDED As IS,
BUT NOT limited TO The implied WARRANTIES
FOR Life

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Postby grounded5am » Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:24 pm

yes qusarwutwut, kermit did in fact do a verison of that. i never heard any other version than kermits.

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Postby Sven Killer Robot Spacema » Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:26 pm

Jake wrote:Sven gets all serious all of a sudden? What the fuck?

I was really hoping for an absurdist showdown between our two most off-the-wall, nonsequiturial members...

Sorry. I realize I have an obligation to be absurd. If Fonzie suddenly became a pussy one episode how would his fans feel?

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Postby grounded5am » Tue Sep 13, 2005 2:29 pm

rubber ducky you're the one...

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