What's on your Heavy Rotation list?

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Jiggle Billy
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Post by Jiggle Billy »

wilco (any)
royal tenenbaums sdtrk.
steely dan - pretzel logic
ladysmith black mambazo (backing band from paul simon's "graceland")
Mixmaster Shecky
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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

2 words - Ugly Casanova. Can't stop listening to it!

Also, Paul Westerberg's Stereo/Mono and Yoshimi.

Also also, Tom Wait's Blood Money
Sugarcubes Forever
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Post by Sugarcubes Forever »

Johnny Marr and the Healers
Superchunk, Here's to Shutting Up
The Natchez Shakers, Shaker Hymns
The International Noise Conspiracy
Sleater Kinney, One Beat
Ramones (any disc from the box set)
Neil Young, Harvest
Minor Threat (reissue)
The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving

Post by Amighty »

White Stripes ELEPHANT - can't get enough of it!
Beehive and the Barracudas - Plastic Soul (why isn't everyone talking about this???)
The Make-Up - I Want Some
The Pattern - Real Feelness
X - Wild Gift reissue/remaster (sounds like what I remember)
Sahara Hotnights - C'mon let's pretend
Holly Golightly - Serial Girlfriend

Post by mary_lockett »

god you rock people are so square

heavy rotating:

Post by buddafingerz »

switchin' to glide (the remixes) - the kings
getup to built a modest house - omE seluR Allstarz
down with jeff and jay - bootleg of belleville high school battle of the bands circa 1987
can't ya hear me moanin' one mo measly time (ka-ching) - jr kimbrough
city dialects - (nelly's cousin) dante
the day the jamband kidz collided with r.l. burnside drinking moonshine out of his cane - the north mississippi allstars
first iraq, then france - the kit bond/john ashcroft gospel singers
the hal 9000 rave up - metabolized
more obscure than you - by the derivatives
Jiggle Billy
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Post by Jiggle Billy »

Hell yeah, the Make Up!!!

Post by Guest »

ugly cassanova- this album has grown on me so much, got it 6 mo. ago
and really got into it lately. gets me in a cerebral mood.
modest mouse- any but mostly long drive with nothing to talk about. just
flows, peaks and valleys. great guitar and lyrics and
extended play time. always keeps my attention.
lou reed- new york. just picked it up a week ago but still in the player.kind
of political and as always by lou, great storytelling.
iggy and the stooges-raw power. what can i say, it's the stooges. probably
the best rhythm section i've ever heard on bass and
galaxie 500- on fire. it's disc 2 in a box set i found. im into luna so i
checked them out and it's great. saw luna a couple of weeks
ago, good show.
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Post by wastro »

andrew w.k. - i get wet
pre-2000 weezer
white stripes - de stijl
8 mile OST

but the only song that's been a mainstay in my winamp queue the last month or so has been the turtles - 'happy together.' maybe it was seeing adaptation that made me fall in love with that song all over again.
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Post by jaimoe0 »

Slobberbone - "Slippage"
JoJo Hermann - "Defector"
Wilco - "YHF" (still)
Beulah - "When Your Heartstrings Break" and "The Coast Is Never Clear" (still)
Jay Farrar - "Sebastapol" Missed it when it first came out. Absolutely love the song "Make It Alright."
Harry Nilsson - "The Point," "Pandemonium Shadow Show," "Aerial Ballet," and "Aerial Pandemonium Ballet"
Old 97's - "Too Far to Care"
Mr. T Experience - "Love Is Dead"
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