Jared Leto as Lennon's killer

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trainwreck2 wrote:there was German film about one of the 9-11 hijackers that went into why the bastard was part of the hijacking instead of simply saying he is a bad man, it explained why...does anyone know if this made it to the states on DVD? I know a lot of people were pissed because they thought it was excusing his actions by wondering what him think this way... (wasnt there recently a Hitler bio the same)
I think you migth be talking about "911 through Saudi Eyes". I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds about right to what you're describing. I have no idea if its a German film though.

The other movie is the last ten days. That I have seen and can reccoment. It was really provacative and interesting.

I thought that was a pretty good article D. I think he's right that the story's kind of interesting, it just so happens to be based on real people. Movie like this have come out and have done well, now it will be historically factual. (though who knows how much Hollywood will exagerate this one) I think this film has a decent chance of doing well, its certaintly a different stride from other bio films like "Ray" and "Walk the Line"
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Jake wrote:Do you really look to the movies for important insight? I go to see interesting stories that can make me feel something. I like movies about psychopathic killers. I think it's one of the themes that cinema does better than any other medium.
depending on the subject matter, yes, yes, I certainly do, like "The Constant Gardener" for instance.

I too like interesting movies about psychopaths and the psychology of it all, but not movies that are glorified accomplished to do list. I'm not saying this movie will not be great entertainment, I'm sure it will totally be a heavily "based on" script...alz I'm saying is I don't think its big screen worthy.
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