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Postby Sugarcubes Forever » Thu Mar 21, 2002 3:49 pm

Sab, I think all the softcore punks were walking around with Mac Tongiht glasses, sans logo, back then. Remember, Bruce Willis had similar shades in Moonlighting (hmmmmmm, another "moon" reference). Anyway. Nobody was wearing those frames back then when Mac hit it big. Only those of us who understood Elvis Costello could see what was really cool in the midst of a cheap marketing ploy.

Funny thing is, I never really stopped wearing my Mac Tonight glasses. When my woman's teenage sister met me for the first time last year she said "Hey, you've got Weezer glasses!" Back in college it was "Hey, Buddy Holly!"

Shit never changes.....

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Postby Proptronics » Thu Mar 21, 2002 4:10 pm

I thought everyone was always yelling "Hey, you've got Proptronic glasses!"

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