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Postby thinsafetypin » Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:55 am

DJMurphy wrote:...but how were those Chinese Democracy tunes, in relation to the rest of the show? And tied in with that, how well were they performed live (assuming you caught the leaked demos earlier this year)? Did they kill the momentum of the show?

i'll try to be as objective as possible here. the songs were surprisingly solid in a set dominated by great renditions of Appetite for Destruction material. especially "the blues" and "madagascar" held up remarkably well. they were performed well (yes, i have the demos, but only "IRS" was actually leaked in demo form, the others have only been passed around as live versions) but i would say there was a noticeable lull in show momentum, since people didn't know the songs (at least not as well as they knew the classics) but in my opinion, the response to them was about the same as it was to the lesser known older cuts like "out ta get me" and (to a lesser extent) "rocket queen." i think it's important for the band to play the newer songs even if they do slow the show down a bit, just to establish that they are guns n' roses not *ahem* a cover band. if there was any quibble i'd have, it was with the set list order. rather than sprinkle the newer songs in between more popular older songs, they played them mostly toward the end of the set and actually played two of them ("the blues" and "better") back-to-back after one of several extended solos (which also slowed the momentum of the show considerably). well that and the fact that they're touring AGAIN without actually releasing Chinese Democracy, although i'm certainly not complaining about getting to see them. they seriously are a DYNAMITE rock band and put on a heck of a show.

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Postby redfieldp » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:41 pm

thinsafetypin wrote:
i'll try to be as objective as possible here. the songs were surprisingly solid in a set dominated by great renditions of Appetite for Destruction material. .

I would echo this sentiment. The new songs certainly weren't the highlight of the show, but then neither was Dizzy playing a solo piano version of Ziggy Stardust (WTF?). I will say, that one thing that was heavily criticized by some reviewers, that I actually loved, was the two guitar version of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". I've always thought that song kicked ass, and the sheer joy on the guys' faces as they rocked it just made it way too awesome. In terms of the new stuff, I would have spread it out more, and maybe put it more towards the front. I think the set kind of ended up being Awesome First 90 min -> Weakish 30 min. -> Awesome 15 min. I think that it could have been turned into Fun 30 min -> Awesome rest of show, just by tweaking the setlist. Regardless, like I originally mentioned, the bottom line here is that the band is just REALLY on top of things: they're having fun, they sound great, and the show was easily worth every penny!

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