Best Songs About Indians

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Red Hot Chili Pepper's American Ghost Dance.
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Either "Thrasher" or "Pocohantas" from Rust Never Sleeps.
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Hank, "Kaw-Liga"
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Baltimucho wrote:Either "Thrasher" or "Pocohantas" from Rust Never Sleeps.
Jeez, how could we have not listed fucking "Cortez the Killer"! That was my absolute favorite song when I was 16!
DJMurphy wrote:Hank, "Kaw-Liga"
Do knotty-pine statues count? We used to go to the lake near a place that supposedly had the original "poor old Wooden Head." I think it was a hoax; I don't think it was the actual statue that inspired Hank. But Kowaliga is a place name there, so...
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"Stolen Land" - Bruce Cockburn

Apartheid in Arizona, slaughter in Brazil
If bullets don't get good PR there's other ways to kill
Kidnap all the children, put 'em in a foreign system
Bring them up in no-man's land where no one really wants them
It's a stolen land
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Pochahontas - Neil Young (More about America in general than her as a person, but...)

Bengali in Platforms - Morrissey (You didn't specify eastern Indian or American indian, so...) [corrected]
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Fortune & Maltese - Wigwam

The Olympics - Big Chief Little Foot (by the r&b band who originally wrote "Good Lovin'")

The Turtles - I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (sampled by countless hip hop groups, most notably the Beastie Boys on "Jimmy James")
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One Tin Soldier (the Ballad of Billy Jack) - Coven

Again, not so much about Indians but it is related to one of my all-time favorite movies about the "half-breed" war hero who befriends a hippy commune and exacts revenge on the townsfolk who attacked them. What an awesome movie.

"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take this foot [motions to right foot] and kick you right here [motion's to sherriff's jaw]."

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Bengali In Platforms by Morrisey...
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you mean the American kind?

Post by BandyLou »

Swan Lee by Syd Barrett is a nice American Indian story:

Swan Lee got up at the Running Foot pow-wow,
Heading from the fire to his waiting canoe.
Chattering Squaw untied the wigwam door,
The chief blew smoke rings two by two!

The land in silence stands...

Swan Lee, his boat by the bank in the darkness,
Loosened the rope in the creek is entwined.
A feather from the wing of a wild young eagle,
Pointed to the land where his fortune he'd find

The land in silence stands

Swan Lee paddled on from the land of his fathers,
His eyes scanned the undergrowth on either side.
From the shore hung a hot, heavy, creature infested
Tropic, Swan Lee had a bow by his side

The land in silence stands

Swan Lee kept time, half on land, half on water,
Grizzly bear and raccoon his fare.
He followed his ears to the great water fall,
Swan Lee knew deep down that his squaw was there!

The land in silence stands....

Suddenly the rush of the mighty great thunder,
Confronted Swan Lee as his song he sang,
In the dawn, with his squaw, he was battling homewards
It was all written down by Long Silas Lang.

The land in silence stands...
The land in silence stands...
The land in silence stands.

The Beach Boys - Bicycle rider
"Bicycle rider, just see what you done done
To the church of the American Indian"
(the whole 'Americana' portion of Smile seems to have a lot of westward settlement / manifest destiny kinda stuff that's relevant)
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