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Spending Godless Money

Use a red pen or stamp to "de-God" all of your paper money. It's fun. It's easy.

"In God We Trust" was put on all paper currency by an Act of Congress in 1955; the phrase was declared the national motto by an Act of Congress in 1956 and first appeared on paper currency in 1957.

The mid-to-late 1950s were a time of overt racism, religious discrimination, and political oppression in the United States. McCarthyism was at its feverous peak. The "red scare" had Congress and President Eisenhower acting in paranoid fits of illegal and unconstitutional activity. The FBI, under the militant J. Edgar Hoover, engaged in illegal spying campaigns against Americans.

During this period, the federal government acted more like an authoritarian dictatorship than a constitutional democracy. The government violated civil rights with impunity.

Adding "In God We Trust" to the US currency was an act of religious and political propaganda, allegedly to counter the threat of "godless communism."
Ah, those wacky atheists!
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I kinda like the song, and look forward to the record
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Sugarcubes Forever wrote:Sorry, but when religious freaks are running the government and telling me how to live my life, I don't think it's anti-tolerant to question the ridiculous underpinnings of their myoptic world view. What is so special about mysticism that it can't be discussed criticly in public...unless all those taking part in the discussion already agree?
What SF said. You want intolerance, try telling people in Grand Rapids you don't believe in God. Then, avoid their torches and pitchforks.
Either way, Cat Stevens is a wang.
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tongue-tied lightning wrote:I kinda like the song, and look forward to the record
Can't you at least stay on topic?!
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hey, I still call him Cat
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my aim is mostly at people on an individual level... people who feel the need to shove their religion or lack of such on others without the other person asking...
i like listening to peoples views, i remember a nice Moslem guy a while ago who struck up a conversation on religion (he didnt proselatize) and told me of his views but couldnt show me anything in his Koran because he said he had farted and hadnt washed yet, he was a clean guy and all... Also i have nothing against athiests either because the most moral person I know is an athiest
me, im not sure,i think im somewhere in the realm of deists,buddhists,or quakers depending on the day
Sugarcubes Forever wrote:
I think that guys like Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins need to be evaluated for what they are, intellectuals involved in public discourse. I think that having people like Dawkins out there arguing for such shocking ideas as fact based decision making, rationalism and basic scientific understanding is a good thing.

The well of public discourse in this country is poisoned by an oversaturation of Pro Religious sentiment. So much so that when a guy writes a book on athiesm a bunch of liberals and indie music snobs can't even stop themselves from griping about him.
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What a joy when religions put aside their differences!

And Cat Stevens is dull.
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