"London", calling...

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"England Swings" doesn't mention London but that is the setting:
"Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben, the rosy red cheeks of the little children"

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Mixmaster Shecky wrote:Ok, bonus points for American bands that have 'London' in their lyrics.

I got nothing.
"London Boys" by Johnny Thunders, the early punk equivalent of those East Coast-West Coast rap beefs, with the New York scene calling out UK punks. Though, considering the mix is for Mother's Day, I don't know if it exactly fits the mood.

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"Sights and Sounds of London Town" - Richard Thompson

...and of course

"London Homesick Blues" - Jerry Jeff Walker

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i've been holding off on posting this, because it's really weak as my sole contribution to the thread, but oh well...

berlin - the metro ("i emerged in london rain")

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i thought of another one, but it is also weak. heather nova's london rain (nothing heals me like you do)

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Bumping this to say thanks again to everyone for the suggestions and to show you the final mix. I must say I was surprised that there were that many songs from with I could choose!

1. "Panic" The Smiths
2. "London Calling" The Clash
3, "LDN" Lily Allen
4. "Last Train to London" ELO
5. "Walking in London" Concrete Blonde
6. "Towers of London" XTC
7. "London Dungeon" The Misfits
8. "London Boys" T. Rex
9. "London Love" Blur
10. "London Girl" The Pogues
11. "Get Out of London" Intaferon
12. "Hairdresser on Fire" Morissey
13. "London Boy" Johnny Thunder
14. "London" Pet Shop Boys
15. "The London Radar" Cornershop
16. "Bucky Done Gun" M.I.A.

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Sorry if I mention stuff already here, I only bothered to read the first few posts (I came here with my own selfish agenda, and then felt the need to reply to this thread).

E.L.O. - Last Train to London
Berlin - The Metro

(incidentally, both included on my "Songs about Trains" compilation... along with The Clash - Train in Vain from... London Calling)

Arg... thinsafetypin and Dawg, you couple of bastards.


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honest, I really tried not to post this...

No Fergie, "London Bridge"?


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Chris G wrote:.

E.L.O. - Last Train to London
Berlin - The Metro

Arg... thinsafetypin and Dawg, you couple of bastards.

Very nice choices Chris. Kudos to you good sir.

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