Why it's good to dump your vinyl collection...

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Why it's good to dump your vinyl collection...

Post by Sugarcubes Forever »

This dude owns millions of vinyl records!

And "basically nobody gives a damn!"

Jake Brown, this could have been you!

Josh B.
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Post by Josh B. »

Who the hell would buy 3 million records at once? If he wants to sell it he's going to need to break it up, or include the building in the price.

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Post by Sugarcubes Forever »

My impression from watching the video is that he wants to keep the collection intact. He views the collection as his life's work and purpose.

I'm wondering how much ultra rare music the guy has. And how much of it is no longer copywritten. Being that 1,000,000 of the discs are albums (and less than 50 years old), my guess is a quarter of his collection is more than 50 years old. I bet a lot of that music is gone and may exist only in his (and a handfull of other) collection(s).

I hope somebody surfaces that can protect it. Judging from the dude's age, I'm guessing all he cares about is protecting it and having some cabbage to live out the rest of his days. Perhaps GloNo, with its billions in record industry cash, could write the poor sap a check.

As much as I hate to say it, it would be cool to digitize the old rare stuff and put it online. I bet there's some sweet old folk music in there.

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Post by stickman45 »

This guy seems fucking insufferable.

Can you imagine flying next to this dude?

I'd dickpunch him before the seatbelt sign goes off.

(People don't like to fly with me either).

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Post by BloodshotBaby »

hey, my dad didn't tell me they were interviewing him!

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Post by Donaldson »

...you know, with both The Office and Extras having run their course, I think this would be a classic Ricky Gervais character....

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