If you are against McCain and Palin....

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If you are against McCain and Palin....

Post by russ »

...then please go to the blog I just started.

I'm not an activist, but I figured I could try to make my voice heard with some homemade political cartoons. They are going to be rough, I don't have time to draw them as well as I'd like.

I'm going to try to do at least one a day.

Here's the url:

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Post by Redbeard »

Yeah man! If MCcain In The Membrane and Sarah Smile get in they might yank my disability checks brother! Redbeard has anger management problems and don't work well with others. After I wrecked my bike my back was bad enough to qualify. Now I gots to be mighty careful.
My neighbors are Republicans. If they catch me working on my bikes they might report Redbeard's ass. So I gotta restore them sexy Harleys while they're at work every day. Ride free or die! ALWAYS make it SPICY and like the Ozzman says "Keep on smokin' those joints!"

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Those were kind of funny.
A little liberal, but funnier than that commie Family Circus dude.
Did you trace those?

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