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worpswede wrote:What amighty said. Plus, we don't want bullies like Chris G or Sugarcubes on the front page because they'll just chase away all the advertisers with their incessant hatred of women and Asians. This is a money-making venture, I assume.

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I'm not in the pantheon of high-count posters, but let me give some uninformed and probably muddled answers:
I don't want to sound overdramatic, but I'm wondering whether or not the message boards are a valuable part of the site... They certainly add pageviews and google click-throughs, so this is not a financial question of value, but rather a community question of value.
I've never actually understood the purpose of the site to begin with, but at least you've reduced it to the question of the boards, and community service. The short answer is no, the message boards aren't providing much service at the moment...I think you know that, or you wouldn't be asking.
I'm curious why most of the 40 or so message board regulars do not post more comments to the pieces we post on the main site? Even regulars opt to take the discussion back to the boards "to allow more for an argument." What is it about the boards that makes them seem better for that?
My guess is that not everybody clicks on every main site piece...people often just click on the things that interest them, and are probably aware that others are doing the same.
The big question is: How can we make the message board and the main site better? How can we best serve you, our loyal readers?
I truly enjoy the semi-random things you put up on the main site, and the commentary of the contributors...I just don't have much to add, usually. So you shouldn't assume they aren't adding much.

As for the boards, the only answer is that I'd like to see more active discussion of music. Yeah, I know...obvious. But I think most of the posts have been reduced to "yeah, I like that too!" or "no, edie brickell really sucks!"
And the second question is: How can we attract more people to get the action moving again so we're all posting more than just obituaries?
Message boards are like endangered species...once you get below a certain number of posters, death may be inevitable no matter how hard you try. And the problem is circular, because people who visit will go away again when they see the board is dying.

As we muddle around trying to provide answers, Jake, why don't you tell us what you want from this site. Very often this feels like a labor of love (because you so obviously enjoy talking about music and its history), but what's the purpose of

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Kudos to Worps for thinking this ol' broad has something worthy of inclusion on this board :)

As I write this, I've been almost shut down by some stupid cold or other. Almost but not quite; I've been working now for about two weeks straight. I would guess that I'm not alone (MF, do you care to chime in, my friend?) And I don't even have kids! Such is my excuse of my lack of blog and GloNo activity. And sleep. And housekeeping. Good thing I DON'T have kids...or a cat...or a fucking houseplant.

Perhaps I should participate more, but often I have nothing to add. Like others have said (DJ Murph, I think), I don't buy as much music anymore and frankly I'm not as interested in the latest-cool-ironic-undergroomed-inde whatsit farting into Protools. So perhaps this means Jake or whomever is right: bring in the kids, kick out the geezers.

Then again, it's not like GloNo is a fucking bantustan (look it up, kiddies). Anyone can post. You won't be carded, but you may be called out. Is that it? Are the youngun' to petrified to post? Too scared to start a thread? 2 kewl 4 woteva? Do kids even GO to discussion boards? Or do they just hangout at beebo or some other cybermall? (I think FB is passe now.)

Ok ok, if I can think of something interesting, I'll add it. Starting now.

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Part of why I haven't posted as much lately is due to office politics. Namely, our new corporate overlords have implemented a completely hyperactive web filter that blocks my access to GloNo due to (horrors!) musical content. Also no Pitchdork, no Onion/AV Club, no Gmail, no sports blogs, etc. Now I have to post from home, and after staring at a screen for 8 - 10 hours some days I don't always feel the urge to surf in the evening.

Also, haven't had much to say since my big Top 20 rundown on New Year's. I don't recall being chastised for any of my choices, so I haven't had to argue much.

Maybe we do need some young firebrand(s) to enthusiastically post some ridiculous comments from time to time, as a catalyst for the rest of us geezers to rebuke him/her. Don't want to get the signal/noise ratio too far out of kilter, but we could use another Nobodygirl (in moderation).

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Don't do it - don't shut the boards down!!!

This was maybe the first site that got me hooked on internet discussions, and I think it's far from dead. These "Beat to death" posts are just throwing dirt on it, though.

ANyway, I still buy music, I don't go to as many shows, but I still come here daily hoping to hit on an interesting discussion, some cool info or review, or even a nice little mp3. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

I used to like the weekly breakdowns of the OC, they had a good vibe.

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amighty wrote:I used to like the weekly breakdowns of the OC, they had a good vibe.
We've been negotiating with Loftus to get a regular column back. Snowfest 2009 was productive (hopefully).

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Fester Von Zesterberg wrote: wanker
I just came here for the pussy.

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Hey, if you all want to post about lost 80's alt bands (and why Lux was a hero to me) I'll do it.

I've been wanting to do some stories about my days as an alcoholic park ranger and how music kept me relatively sane back in those days--serialize it on the main page.

Thrill to the misadventures of trust-fund hippies, wild animal attacks, chemical abuse, government fraud, and the Phantom Shitter!

Soundtrack by the Replacements, Husker Du, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cramps, Black Uhuru, Butthole Surfers, Robyn Hitchcock, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc.

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Read back over your posts and see how that all lines up with the way you guys chased me off. At least the threads I posted in were active. I agree with those above who said the reason this board is dying is that no-one here wants to post what they love. The haters (most of you) are all just waiting for someone to mention something they don't regard as hip so they can pounce on it.

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Lurker01 wrote:Read back over your posts and see how that all lines up with the way you guys chased me off. At least the threads I posted in were active. I agree with those above who said the reason this board is dying is that no-one here wants to post what they love. The haters (most of you) are all just waiting for someone to mention something they don't regard as hip so they can pounce on it.
...but the "pouncing on it" you mention can be fun. Sick, twisted fun, but fun nonetheless. In an ideal world, the GloNo boards would be a place where it DOESN'T pay to have a thin skin. We all give Grounded5am shit for being an unashamed Edie Brickell fan, but the truth is, we're glad to have G5am's input. Ideally, if you're a fan of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, you gotta justify that, and maybe in doing so, you'll turn more members of the boards into fans of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

I dig Abba and The Feeling, a simpy UK pop group. Not exclusively, but I have that weird weakness for groups I oughta hang my head in shame for. There, I've said it; flame away!!

Get it?

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