Hideout's Tim Tuten goes to Washington

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Hideout's Tim Tuten goes to Washington

Postby Jake » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:52 am

Obama apparently hired one of the craziest, most vehemently anti-Bush people in Chicago.

Now Tuten, pending Senate confirmation of his immediate supervisor, will become one of about 100 deputies working for a dozen assistant secretaries of education under Duncan’s supervision. When Tuten arrives in the nation’s capital next Wednesday (April 8) to begin prepping for his job, he will bring a lifetime of experience both inside clubs and inside classrooms.

Though he’s been co-owner of the Hideout with his wife, Katie, and Mike and Jim Hinchsliff since 1996, the 48-year-old has been a Chicago schoolteacher and administrator even longer. He’s a veteran of 17 years in the classroom and lately has been manager of media relations and events for Chicago Public Schools.

After Duncan was confirmed as education secretary, he hired Peter Cunningham, a Chicago musician and media specialist, as assistant secretary for communications and outreach. Cunningham in turn tapped Tuten to work for him, to help shape public events and recruit teachers.

“He’s a great teacher and a great music promoter,” Duncan said of Tuten through a spokesman. “He’s the heart and soul of any event he’s involved in. He knows how to pull the best out of people, to get the best out of kids and teachers. He will remind us of the humanities side of what we do. Sometimes we get caught up in the details and rules, but it’s about kids and teachers. He’ll be helping us identify educational heroes around the country.”

Anybody's who's seen Tuten introduce a band knows how kooky he can be. I can't be positive this isn't an elaborate April Fool's Day spoof...

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