Bush vs. Magog

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Mixmaster Shecky
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Bush vs. Magog

Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Sorry to bring politics up again, but this is un-fucking-believable:
Incredibly, President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse.

Honest. This isn’t a joke. The president of the United States, in a top-secret phone call to a major European ally, asked for French troops to join American soldiers in attacking Iraq as a mission from God.
If this really is true, I need a drink...

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Little Timmy
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Post by Little Timmy »

And now look at what happened when we let Gog and Magog get away. They came back as OUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Hey, it's prophesied in the Torah!

http://www.scribd.com/doc/8700557/Obama ... -and-Magog
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Post by Joshua »

Wm Gibson actually tweeted about this a few days ago and I was kinda stunned the whole afternoon... I mean... We knew he was a religious nut, but I kinda thought he had the good sense to keep it mostly to himself.

This is one of many such shoes I think will be dropping for the indefinite future as people come out and say what they saw go down in that administration.

Man, just thinking about it again freaks me out. Insane.
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