Barney Frank vs Dining Room Table

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Barney Frank vs Dining Room Table

Post by russ »

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Here we have yet another average, concerned citizen, exercising her free speech rights at that great American democratic traditiion, the town hall meeting. . .

. . . Hey, isn't that Rachel Brown, organizer for the LaRouche Youth Movement? Well, Ill be damned.
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It goes to show that these scum-bags have so little shame, that they'd ask a gay jew why he's supporting Naziism!

My question is why is Frank the only politician on earth who's actually calling them out? It's a sad day when republicans call Democrats "Nazis and Communists" and Democrats shake their hands and take it all for the sake of "bipartisanship."
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Post by jonas »

Barney is awesome - I reside in his district, and his office helped us out of a little jam some years back, so I'll keep voting for him until one of us dies (and possibly after).

As for why others don't talk back, I don't know...I imagine most of them are wussies.
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Post by worpswede »

Awesome Russ. And great reporting Little T: the LaRouche PACconfirms it.
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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Nazi death panels and teabagging is spelling doom for the Republican party.

Good Christ, what's next? UFO's? Hollow Earth theories?
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