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Then don't google "Sven's mouth".

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stickman45 wrote:Then don't google "Sven's mouth".

Two months without posting and then *zing*! Man, I admire your chops.
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stickman45 wrote:Then don't google "Sven's mouth".

that's funny right there. I don't care who ya are.
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Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote:
My friend had a cartoon book he brought back from England many years ago. It was called "Johnny and His Unfeasibly Large Testicles." It was about this guy named Johnny and his struggles with his unfeasibly large testicles. Ya familiar with that one Sheck? For obvious reasons I don't want to google anything with "unfeasibly large testicles" in it.
Never heard of that one, but it sounds funny. I dared to Google it and (thankfully) the first link led me right to the Wikipedia article. (BTW, the character's name is Buster Gonad).

That led me to this little tidbit:
In December 1987 Viz released a 7-inch single entitled "Bags of Fun With Buster" (b side "Scrotal Scratch Mix") by Johnny Japes and His Jesticles (in reality Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC, journalist, record producer and sometime vocalist Neville Farmer, with John Otway on vocals released on Fulchester Records.
Who says Andy Partridge don't got a sense of humor?
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A young West Virginian returns home from World War II. Walks up the dirt driveway, sees his Ma washing clothes by the side of the house. Says, "Ma, I'm home from the war. Whar's Pa?" She says, "Pa's out back choppin' kindlin'."

Boy goes out back. Says, "Pa, I'm home from the war." Pa replies, "Sure as I'm lookin' at you, boy, you are home from the war." Says, "What did you do in the war, boy?" Boy answers, "Well, I killed them Nazis." Pa says, "Well, how did you do that?" Boy: "I shot a few with my M1 carbine. Stabbed a couple with my bayonet. Choked one to death. The rest I killed with a hangernade."

Pa says, "What the hell is a hangernade?" Boy says, "Here, I brought a live one back with me." And with that, he launches it toward the back of the property. The grenade explodes right on top of the outhouse, sending boards, wallpaper, and dookie up in the air, landing in one big ol' pile.

Pa and Boy stand there looking at the smoking heap for a while. Suddenly Grandpa's head comes poking out of the top of the pile, yelling, "God almighty, I am glad I did not let that one in the house!"
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Not a fart joke, but the thread reminded me of this (NSFW, probably):
Today, I thought it would be funny to fart in my roommates mouth while he was asleep. I walked over to him and pulled my pyjamas down and let loose. To my surprise it was a very wet one and I accidently took a dump on his face, he woke up and beat me until I was bleeding. FML
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