Joe's dead, but Mick's still kicking

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Joe's dead, but Mick's still kicking

Postby Lep » Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:53 pm

Just watched "The Future is Unwritten" and "Westway to the World." Both are on YouTube. I'm inspired.

So I went to get some more Carbon/Silicon, their last album, which they're giving away mp"frees" of, as is their habit.

So hereby I fulfill the easy task they ask me to perform.

Somebody called Shep, maybe their manager? - wrote:First (and most importantly): Mick and Tony are determined to return to the core idea of creating and putting out free music on their web site. Carbon/Silicon was *always* about the music, and about exploring the way that bands - or, for that matter, artists of any kind - can connect with their audiences in the 21st century. You've already got your hands on the first fruits of that decision … Carbon/Silicon's latest album - The Carbon Bubble - is now available as a free download from this very site.


Right now - and more than ever before - Carbon/Silicon needs to build their listener base. Every day, we get e-mails, instant messages, web site comments etc from people who are basically saying "wow, I love you guys - this stuff is great - but I had no idea you were still making music!". We know for a fact that there's a vast amount of people out there who followed the band members in their earlier careers, who - basically - have no idea that all this is all going on. We really need to reach out and find all those fans (and new ones too!) to make this next phase of the Carbon/Silicon story work.

The practicalities behind this are pretty straightforward… Like Tony says in the blog: to take the show on the road, vans need to be hired, and people need to be paid. If we know there's an audience out there, who will buy the CDs direct from the web site, or who will buy tickets for a show in a particular part of the world, then we CAN make it all happen - but everything starts with the audience.

So this is what we need people to do now: get the word out. Nothing is more important than this. Talk about Carbon/Silicon in places where people still talk about good music. Don't go around spamming on our behalf; we believe the music sells itself - just make people aware that the band exists… that the site is here, this is what we stand for, and this is what we're doing. There's a whole album here ready for people to listen to - no strings attached, no industry BS - they don't even need to hand over an e-mail address to get a copy of the record!

Tony James wrote:Sitting in this studio we jokingly call the Bunker - just like in some black and white movie - the two of us sit making our music.. engineering it, producing it, mixing it.. Ourselves. For the love of it.
And quick, real quick, in the moment... so that when we drive home that night, we both have a CD in our hands.. DONE, and to US it sounds just right, the sound in our heads. Yes, sure the drum sound could be a little better, the bass a little more compressed, the reverb a little more expensive - but hey - we don’t give a fuck about that because it’s just about the song.. do you feel the words? how is the tune? do you feel it in your heart? ..Its the way you hit the guitar, feel the bass, clap the claps.. do you hear the solo in your head for real...?
And everything else is BULLSHIT! It don't make a damn bit of difference. Ask Neil Young.

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