To hell with Pomplamoose & Hyundai too

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Anonymous wrote:You guys just need something to complain about and then bash. That Nataly is in fact pretty cute, and her voice and/or singing style that you're assailing and her face and mouth delivering it are fairly adorable. This, of course, in large part is why the videos have become so popular; your displeasure certainly is in the minority. I'm sure Hyundai is going to regret having to stop the commercials when they become appropriate beyond the holidays.
First off, I don't need something to bash. It's just that I'm given ample opportunity when garbage like Pomplamoose is broadcast in every commercial break.

Second, it seems the only defense of these idiots centers around how "cute" this chick is. I couldn't care less. And if this "majority" you speak of only likes a band because of how adorable they are, then their opinion on music is completely irrelevant anyway.
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Re: Pomplamoose: "Imagine if you'd have told someone in 2002 that the Moldy Peaches would turn out to be 300x more influential than The Strokes." - @ichlugebullets
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You have to admire an artist whose fans scour the internet for mention of her (or them) and respond in their defense. Meanwhile, since my posts above one of my Facebook friends has been posting Pomplamoose videos one after the other, and my reaction from faithfully watching them is that I really dislike the fey, too-self-conscious-to-actually-dance delivery and the flat vocals. It makes me picture some guy in nerd glasses standing in line at Starbucks in his flannel pajamas daydreaming about Jewel.

That, and the fact that it seems to be all covers (what he's posting, anyway) makes it feel like the antithesis of actually doing something interesting.
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jonas wrote:You have to admire an artist whose fans scour the internet for mention of her (or them) and respond in their defense. . . .
Fans, hell. I would recognize the awkward grammar and conceit of Natalie Dawn Knutsen, aka Nataly Dawn, anywhere.

Of course, I love to stir up a big 'ol pot of it!
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