The Jinx on HBO

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The Jinx on HBO

Post by Jake » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:08 am

Whoa! Right? Wow.

Just binge watched all 6 episodes. Not to suggest he didn't do it, but I didn't take the "Killed them all" as a confession. Throughout the interviews he would often go into what people must think about his actions, the evidence, etc. I interpreted "What did I do?" as referring to participating in the interviews, not the murders. And "Killed them all, of course" is what he imagined everybody will be thinking after seeing the handwriting on the envelope. He knew he was busted, and he knew he got caught by agreeing to the interview project. But I don't think he was confessing. And the fact that EVERY article I've read seems to take the "Killed them all" as a verbatim confession -- and not putting it in the context of the rest of his train of thought -- makes me wonder if they even watched the show. The "confession" isn't going to put him in jail; the envelope is.

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Re: The Jinx on HBO

Post by worpswede » Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:08 pm

What threw me at the final episode was the running time. Great editing. The entire build-up to what was an otherwise fairly tepid confrontational last interview. I kept looking at the clock and thinking, "This is how they're going to leave it?!" Then, those final hot mic'd moments-wonderful pacing and incredible filmmaking. It seemed like the rest of the episodes used up the entire block of time while the final one was done in less than forty minutes. Or maybe I'm hallucinating the entire thing.
But yeah, I took those comments as a complete admission of guilt. The eye-tics throughout seemed to be a physical manifestation of guilt-like his body was just jumping at the chance to admit something. His body continued with its voluntary confessions through each belch and dry-heave in the bathroom. The introduction to new evidence was a brilliant move, totally got to him and because he had nothing scripted for those surprises, I believe his body and mind just panicked, visually and audibly.

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