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Grizzly Bear

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:44 pm
by jonas
So I was about to hit the road for a road trip, and dashed into Newbury Comics to buy something from the new-CDs rack, and "Painted Ruins" turned out to be what I grabbed. I'd heard of this band, since first they emerged at the same time as a whole wave of bands with animals in their names, and second, because they keep showing up on hip music lists and getting high Metacritic scores.

I've listened to it half a dozen times now and will say that I like it a lot, but that musical muscle in my brain that wants to classify music can't figure out the band's genre to save my life. It seems to be a baby spawned by Fleet Foxes and Tame Impala (ha! more musical animal names), with sometimes vocals by Becker and Fagen. Despite that mishmash, though, it seems to work.

Anyone else listen to them?