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Postby Proptronics » Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:14 am

So, I was hauled to a Beta Band show last night and was, truly, not looking forward to it. Well, going in with low expectations turned out to be a great thing. The were great, lot's of fun. They made it an experience when they had multiple short films that they had made that seemed to coincide with the mood of the song they were playing.

On a side note, when the fuck did St. Andrews start charging such absurd alcohol prices. I went to get my standard St. Andy's drink, the Newcastle double-deuce, which used to be $5 and they were out. Instead, the only 22 oz. they had was Rolling Rock and they robbed me for $6 a bottle. Christ!!

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Postby sab » Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:44 am

The guitar player in the Beta Band was on the radio yesterday afternoon doing a live-in-studio deal on the NPR station here in D-Town.

He was asked to explain a comment he'd made in another interview, something to the effect that no one in the band could really play their instruments. So he says rather than being like "that annoying guy with the headband in Dire Straits or Eric Clapton" the Beta Band are not technical virtuosos, that they focus on making good sounding music rather than playing really well. He then describes his response to listening to Clapton: "You want to garrote him with his own guitar string."

Brilliant. And the songs they played sounded good too, but I must admit I know nothing about this band.

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Postby Proptronics » Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:54 am

How true!! The bassist was playing the most simple notes, it could have been anyone playing his role in the band, onstage. Maybe even me? Although, if I ever make it big, I'm wearing a bright-colored annoying headband. That's for sure!!

The band was truly carried by a lot of programmed loops but it was still fun, good music.

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Postby Jake » Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:57 am

Great quote. Unfortunately, this band is boring. I sold back "Hot Shots II" (or whatever it was called) after Jolie pointed out that the singer sounds like the guy from Tears for Fears. Yep, that did it for me.

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Postby Proptronics » Thu Apr 18, 2002 11:10 am

I agree that the studio work is boring, but the show really was fun. I sold back their self-titled because I hated it, too.

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Postby Sugarcubes Forever » Thu Apr 18, 2002 1:52 pm

funny! I dumped off that CD too. I found it to be lame. I couldn't figure out what anybody was hearing in their music to ever bother with them.

They wouldn't be the first band to have a disc or two that don't come close to their live sound.

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Postby Embryonic » Fri Apr 19, 2002 6:23 pm

I have to admit, yes, I am a Beta Band fan. And yes, I absolutely hate their self-titled and I would never pop in Hot Shots II on a late night drive, but I love Three EP's. Many of you will probably recall their song, Dry The Rain, from the movie High Fidelity? On it. Not to mention the swanky electric funk of Inner Meet Me. The Beta Band is definitely not monotonous with their style, and most that liked Three EP's were mortified by the mellowness of Hot Shots II. I still agree the self-titled sucked, though.

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Postby Joshua » Mon Apr 22, 2002 5:23 pm

I've been fascinated by some soundrack appearances by the Beta Band (including High Fidelity and Six Feet Under), but I've been fearing that, like Air, I wouldn't like how boring (for lack of a better word) the overall sound is, compared to the few things I'm familiar with.

Now I have a solid recommendation which album to pick up and why. Thanks for the tip, Embryonic - and welcome to the boards. Remember - BYOB.

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Postby Proptronics » Tue Apr 23, 2002 8:27 am

On the same note, Air's Moon Safari is not the least bit boring. The first five tracks on the album have become staples in all of most of the mixes that I make.

Subsequent releases, have all had stand-out tracks but can get a little boring in my opinion.

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Postby ryanking » Tue Apr 23, 2002 8:59 am

Amen to Moon Safari. If you're making a mix for a girl, and you're trying to, you know, impress her... if you're trying to stoke the FIRES OF PASSION...

On Air's label is another French band with a great, great, smooth, play with your emotions kind of sound. Phoenix is their name. I heard about them when I was visiting my friend in Athens, GA and some people played it at like 3am at a house party. And I heard it, and it got me. It struck me. There were just a few people left, some beer had been drank, and the best song comes on and it's something you've never heard before. A night doesn't get much better than that. With the exception of a night spent with your girlfriend.

What other bands are on this sound... Beta Band, Air, Phoenix...?

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