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Postby Sugarcubes Forever » Thu Apr 25, 2002 10:14 am

Ryan, You're right on. I like Tusk. I'm just too damn sarchastic.

Prop, suck my $ock! Liz Phair, buddy! Ever hear of her? She kicks some sweet $ucking rock riffs out that quitar of hers.

To me it's sad that bands like Fleetwood Mac and Hart put out such great early albums, right at the time that big stadium rock was king, then ended their reign by releasing watered down crap. Now, they're playing the state fair circuit because they just can't give it up. It really ruins a band for me when they degenerate into a stupid rock cartoon of their former selves. Weezer is on the verge of doing the same thing.

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Postby Proptronics » Thu Apr 25, 2002 10:19 am

Scotty, I'd suck it if I ever saw you anymore. . .

Seriously, though. At what point should bands hang it up? Do you think they know that they're only a satire of their former selves. I have friends that go see the Monsters of Rock shows at the fair every summer because they think Ratt is fucking hilarious. Does Ratt know they're a joke?

That's the main reason I went to KISS two years ago (although it was a pretty good show!).

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Postby D. Phillips » Thu Apr 25, 2002 10:31 am

Sometimes they just need to pay their bills. They play all the tired old hits 'cause taht's what people who see bands at fairs want to hear.

Other times they move on and into relative obscurity. They record music that doesn't get as much attention as their eralier hits but they're more satisfied with what they're doing artistically.

It's hard to tell a musician to just "hang it up." What else are they supposed to do?

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Postby Sugarcubes Forever » Thu Apr 25, 2002 11:01 am

You got a point there, Phil. There is of course the context within which their music exists, and then there is originality, craftsmanship, artistry, etc.

There seem to be many routes to this road. Bands like Hart ran out of ideas. They also ended up in that weird early world of MTV that was dominated by giant glam hair and dresses made from miles of torn up fabric and black lace. It sold albums at the time, but once that look ran it's course, they went right down the toilet with their bretheren, Starship! I remember watching an interview with those two sisters, and all they seemed to do was blame the record industry for giving them a complex about their weight.

Fleetwood Mac milked their success for all it was worth. Watching each of them go solo only reminded me that the sum was greater than it's parts. It was like each of them disappeared down same spent path that Hart followed, showing only that they didn't "get it" anymore. The scene changed and their best work was behind them.

There are also bands like Kiss, the Who, the Stones etc. that don't really have to produce original new music. They are a phenomenon onto themselves. People go to see their shows because they've become a piece of our cultural history.

Then there are people like Neil Young, who age a bit, but don't really change a whole lot. Their influence on rock in general is so deep that they can continue to make original music without necessarily always having to bow down to the latest musical fad. I'd also lump guys like Elvis Costello into that camp, but in a different way. He stepped away from his punk and pop rock roots to stretch as a musician. Was his foray into the world of Burt Bacharac a joke, or an example of his brilliance? I'm not sure, but he sure didn't continue down the same old played-out path.

Bands like Ratt and Poison are just out there making a buck. They know that the mullet heads of the world want to relive that old feeling of being drunk, high and 16 again. There really isn't any pretense that they're actually back in the game or that they even ever were. There making the rounds as cheap entertainment. And as long as that's all it is, why the hell not. Comments by Ricky Rocket to the effect that some of his songs were the best rock songs ever written, however, should be forgotten. Mianly because these guys are just so stupid that it's entertaining.

My two cents.

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Postby ryanking » Thu Apr 25, 2002 12:35 pm

Buckingham's eyeliner was way cool. That and his trimming his white man's Afro down to the short messy mop, was an indication that the Tusk album would not be part of the establishment. Tusk was way, way ahead of its time and frankly, I can't believe the album sold four million units. It musta been all those incense burning palm reading Stevie Nicks fans. Back to Buckingham's hair. That was the key. You watch the Tusk documentary and you will see them recording the entire album completely under the influence of Buckingham's indie rocker hair. In fact, much of Tusk was recorded in his house, with Lindsey at the board, with some tracks recorded in bathrooms and various nooks and crannies to exploit the variations in acoustics. Indie rocker hair + headphones + bathroom + Fleetwood Mac's innate talent = fucking genius record. As the hair grew taller and farther away from Buckingham's brain, unfortunately, so did his records.

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Postby Jake » Thu Apr 25, 2002 12:57 pm

Ryan, I would be interested in reading a more fleshed-out version of your theory of Tusk. Maybe some song-by-song analysis in relation to where each track fits on the eyeliner/hair/bathroom continuum... If you can whittle the idea down to around 1000-1500 words, I think we might have a new GLONO feature.

I've never listened to this whole album. It didn't make the cut when I moved to Chicago.

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