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Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:28 pm
by miss carol
Lep wrote: I admit I've never heard this, but I have to think that you are being sarcastic or have confused this thread with the "worst cover songs" thread...
Absolutely NOT! It's great. He has a great voice and the band is tight.

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:01 pm
by Sven Killer Robot Spacema
Have we mentioned Anal Cunt in this thread especially "Stayin' Alive".

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:25 pm
by Maarten
that reminds me of revolting cocks' version of do ya think i'm sexy.
big black's version of the model is also pretty good.

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:39 pm
by creepy
i always thought aretha's cover of "pink cadillac" was better than the boss's...

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:49 pm
by n8
I am so very dismayed that it took until midway through the 4th page for someone to mention "All Along the Watchtower."

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 2:36 am
by Chris G


I'm just going to go down my playlist and see what favorite covers I can pluck.


1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut (Black Sabbath)
Agent Orange - Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane)
Automatic Head Detonator - Black Planet (Sisters of Mercy)
Avengers - Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
Bauhaus - Telegram Sam (T.Rex)
Bauhaus - Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (John Cale)
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy (The Strangeloves)
Butthole Surfers - The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovon)
Cheap Trick - Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles)
Coil - Tainted Love (Gloria Jones)
The Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor (Mickey Lee Lane)
DEVO - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
DEVO - Working in the Coal Mine (Lee Dorsey)
The Donnas - Living After Midnight (Judas Priest)
The Doors - Back Door Man (Willie Dixon)
Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
Jane's Addiction - Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Guitarman (Jerry Reed Hubbard)
Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Joan Jett - I Love Rock 'N' Roll (The Arrows)
John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
Led Zepplin - When the Levy Breaks (Memphis Minnie)
Led Zepplin - Nobody's Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson)
Led Zepplin - Gallow's Pole (Leadbelly)
The Lords of the New Church - Live for Today (The Grass Roots)
Love And Rockets - Ball Of Confusion (The Temptations)
Nine Inch Nails - Physical (You're So) (Adam and the Ants)
Nomads - Downbound Train (Chuck Berry)
Nomads - Milk Cow Blues (Sleepy John Estes)
Nomads - Fire and Brimstone (Link Wray)
Nomads - I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time (Third Bardo)
Pat Benetar - Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
Patti Smith - My Generation (The Who)
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind (Elvis)
The Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance? (Beach Boys)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
Rolling Stones - Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
The Creatures, featuring Siouxsie Sioux - Wild Thing (The Troggs)
The Creatures, featuring Siouxsie Sioux - Venus in Furs (The Velvet Underground)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Dear Prudence (The Beatles)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Gun (John Cale)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Sparks)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
Sisters of Mercy - Emma (Hot Chocolate)
Sisters of Mercy - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
Sisters of Mercy - 1969 (The Stooges)
Sisters of Mercy - Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones)
Sisters of Mercy - Jolene (Dolly Parton)
Sonic Youth - Into The Groove (Madonna)
Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (Al Green)
Van Halen - You Really Got Me (The Kinks)
Veruca Salt - My Sharona (The Knack)


Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 3:59 pm
by amy the wineaux
Has anyone mentioned Aztec Camera version of "Jump"?

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 4:17 pm
by infectiousdisease
Yeah...I can't remember if I've posted it already, but I love Rufus Wainwright's cover of Hallelujah. I don't like the Cohen version, don't like the Jeff Buckley version...but one day, I had this on repeat for 4 hours. It's soothing.

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 7:02 pm
by jonas
Chris G wrote::


Coil - Tainted Love (Gloria Jones)
I fixed it for you.

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 8:18 pm
by Chris G
jonas wrote:
Chris G wrote::


Coil - Tainted Love (Gloria Jones)

I fixed it for you.

Shazam! -

Coil - Tainted Love (Gloria Jones) Gloria Jones wrote the original...

Thank you... I learn something new everyday... I'll go back and fix my post.