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why orange?

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2003 7:45 pm
by Guest
it's burning my retinas

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2003 7:47 pm
by pabst smear
yeah it is pretty obnoxious

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 1:35 pm
by Pat
I think it was because we initially thought it was going to be viewed by about 5 people total, and it just kind of snowballed from there. But yeah, it's a little bit eye-frying.

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 3:06 pm
by D. Phillips
Bullshit. We fly the colors of the Oakland Hells Angels as a show of support to the guys out there doing it! Legalize freedom!

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 3:10 pm
by thousandfold
I love the Orange. Keep it!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 7:37 pm
by Jake
We will always have the orange. We are, however, working on a redesign that will incorporate a style-switcher that will allow users to change the appearance to something that will be more accessible to the visually challenged.

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 12:03 am
by infectiousdisease
I love the orange, actually. I also love the London Calling shot, redone in said orange. It's the main reason I stayed and took a look around when I came to see Mr. and Mrs. White's marriage licence. Vive l'orange!

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2004 11:05 pm
by Hitman
Whaty the hell is that in the background??

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:07 pm
by Jake
Hitman wrote:Whaty the hell is that in the background??

Pennie Smith's photo of Paul Simonon smashing his bass as seen on the cover of London Calling.


Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 1:27 am
by Chris G