Former Pavement, Gary Young Releases Hospital Album

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Former Pavement, Gary Young Releases Hospital Album

Postby Jake » Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:18 pm


The Irony of Gary Young's career, which historians of Pavement's early years never fail to mention, is that Young is a prog rocker. Truth be told, Gary Young never did have much exposure to indie rock prior to joining Pavement. He certainly had a bona fide crash course - Slanted and Enchanted ended up definining the indie-rock style for a decade.

In 1994, Young released his first solo album - Gary Young's Hospital. One may have expected it to be a return to his prog rock heritage, but Hospital, without a doubt , was indie-rock. Who knows, maybe Young was an indie-rocker at heart?

Young recently re-appeared at the 2004 San Franciso Noise Pop Festival with a re- vamped band, Duby Guerra on Bass and J. McCrory on Keys. Gary Young's Hospital sophomore release, The Grey Album (Omnibus) will be supported by a U.S. tour beginning Spring 2004. The band recently recorded a cover of Sonic Youth's "100%" with Electro Group backing them up, and is working out additional recordings backed by Grandaddy and Thurston Moore ... more to come.

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