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Simple Kid videos

Posted: Mon May 10, 2004 1:46 pm
by Jake
Check out the videos below....

THE AVERAGE MAN: ... n_56-v.asx ... _100-v.asx ... _300-v.asx ... _450-v.asx ...

DRUGS: ... s_56-v.asx ... _100-v.asx ... _300-v.asx ... _450-v.asx ...

“Enchanting stuff”

Q * * * *

“A sonic spray-can fill of squelching beats, electric sounds & street-smart lyrics”

Bang * * * *

“He’s angling to become the post-modern Bob Dylan. And you know what? Simple Kid just might have the smarts.”


“Like Badly Drawn Boy sketching with different crayons”


“…A dynamic singer-songwriter with an inventive musical approach and a flair for darkly humorous lyrics”

Hot Press

“Urban minstrel Simple Kid is far from simple. He’s one of the most articulate lyricists on the planet…”

“… he follows in the grand British tradition of quirky British songwriters like Ray Davies, Morrissey and Badly Drawn Boy with his keenly observed ditties of everyday life. Add eclectic Beck-like beats and you have something special on your CD player.”

Birmingham Evening Mail