Satya Graha release EP "Under the SKin" (Americana

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Satya Graha release EP "Under the SKin" (Americana

Postby aardvark » Tue May 18, 2004 1:20 pm

EP: Under the Skin, Vol 1
Band: Satya Graha
Lyrics by: B. B. Mayes
Music by: David Vella
Produced by: Doug McBride
Vocals: David Vella and Anna Bensch
Publisher: Aardvark Music Ltd
Label: Aardvark Records Ltd


"Under the Skin "is 8 tracks of pure, unadulterated quality on a small scale. It's an album that won’t stray too far from your stereo. It's filled with songs about slices of life and peoples’ take on their own responses. Their solid lyrics, distinctive vocals, insightful arrangements and organic production values deliver a great ambience.

It’s the kind of music that’s made for those days catching the perfect rip curl or the days where every ollie is spot-on. It’s music for kicking back and chilling out to when you want to carry on feeling good. There is no grandstanding, no pontificating and it’s all ego free. It’s just bare boned melodic Americana sounds with a slight of classic country twist and a touch of a folk roots vibe that gives this music such an intimate feel. The sounds are a mix of old and new that sit so comfortably together.

The band combines lead male & female vocals. This is a sound that is all too rare in this genre. The vocalists are equally strong, emotive and at times soaring. They deliver brilliant hooks which are infectious. The songs range from big power ballad countrified tracks ("Pony Up" and "Torch Bearer’s Salute") to more intimate tracks (The plaintive and gentle "Roanoke" and subtle, deft acoustics of "Brothers under the Sun").

The EP’s first single, "Pony Up", has already received a UK thumbs up from Radio Caroline DJ, David Foster: "We love it. We’re playing this one to death." The follow-up single, "Lunar Dreams", is all honky-tonk spit-and-sawdust that just gets your feet tapping.

Advance copies of Under the Skin are available at Tower Records (USA only) and on-line:

This is music for the experienced.

Satya Graha wil be touring the UK on a 70+ date tour from August through to November 2004.

For more information and/or promo pack, please contact Alex: [email protected]


Release schedule:

First Single: Pony Up
Release date: 9 May 2004

Second Single: Lunar Dreams
Release date: 7 July 2004

Third Single: Torch Bearer’s Salute
Release date: 7 September 2004

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