Fuse/Tower Records "Just Add Video" Contest

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Fuse/Tower Records "Just Add Video" Contest

Postby Jake » Tue May 25, 2004 7:10 am


Fuse/Tower Records Next Big Thing “Just Add Video” Contest

National sweepstakes:

The Tower Records Next Big Thing “Just Add Video” Contest will award one unsigned band the chance to fly to New York City, where they will perform live on FUSE’s IMX and have a music video produced by FUSE.

Enter by June 6, 2004

General information:

All band members must be 18 years or older, legal residents of the continental United States. No purchase necessary. Bands can enter via in-store at a Tower Records, www.fuse.tv or mail-in to FUSE. Bands must be unsigned and not currently under contract with a record label.

For more details, go to

Submission Guidelines

You MUST submit both of these items in order to be eligible for the contest:

1. One song not more than 2 minutes in length. This song should be representative of you and/or your band, and it should be the song that you’d like the video made for, should you be chosen as the winner.

2. One video not more than ONE MINUTE in length. This video clip should show us who you are. We’re looking for mini “self-portraits” that introduce us to you and/or your bandmates. Here are some ideas:
€ Introduce each band member, telling us what role they play in the band, and something interesting about them
€ Footage of a band rehearsal
€ A mini-tour of your hometown with special emphasis on sites that are important to you
€ A group interview (band just sits around chatting about themselves to camera)
€ Anything else imaginative that shows us what you look like and who you are
**For all the footage, please leave a few seconds blank at both the beginning and end so that we can edit it, if needed.

Online Submissions:
Upload one song in MP3 or WMA file format not more than 2 minutes in length and not to exceed 5MB in size. Upload one video in MOV, WMV or MP4 format, not more than ONE MINUTE in length, and not to exceed 5MB in size.

In-Store Submissions:
Drop off the completed application form and your materials at the front counter. Your song should be submitted on CD. (Bold) NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE CONSIDERED. The ONE MINUTE video can be submitted on DVD or VHS. NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

For questions about uploading, hit us up at [email protected]

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