Introducing Darrell Delk (Alt Country)

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Introducing Darrell Delk (Alt Country)

Postby aardvark » Tue May 25, 2004 11:02 am

LP: If it’s up to me…

Band: Darrell Delk

Lyrics & Music by: Darrell Delk & John Boutkam

Produced& Arranged by: John Boutkam

Performed by: Darrell Delk & The Jim McGraw Band

Vocals: Darrell Delk

Backing vocals: Jim McGraw & John Boutkam

Publisher: Aardvark Music Ltd (rights formerly held by Lightning Capitol Music)

Label: Aardvark Records Ltd


Singer-songwriter Darrell Delk was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. At a young age Darrel was introduced to the power of Music by the sound of the Beatles on local radio and real soon it became obvious that the crafting of songs would become his main goal in life. As a teenager, Darrell joined various local bands and he became a well known and respected performer on the Southern Stages. His main influences, John Lennon and Paul McCartney mixed with the southern rock roots - caused by growing up in the Sunshine State - gave Darrell a distinct and unmistaken vocal identity.

In 1995 he teamed up with producer John Boutkam to form the group "Safety Brake". They first toured the club scene before starting to write their own material for the purpose of recording their first album "gimme a brake".

“gimme a break” started as a studio production project as a bit of fun. The mixture of Darrell's Southern US upbringing and John's European heritage created a very interesting sound, reflecting Global musical influences.

“If it’s up to me…” follows on from the successful “gimme a break”. "If it’s up to me…" contains main stream pop rock material that was written for ‘the fun of it’. No looking at the charts to find out what's cool or what could possible sell well. This approach has brought about a great album with a wide variety of great sounding songs, clearly reflecting the good time during the making. It is harder in its musical approach than "Gimme a Brake", but shows a more tighter format. The album languished after the death of music publishing house Lightning Capitol Music’s founder, John Boutkam. Having acquired the publishing rights, Aardvark Music has re-released it – with Delk and Aardvark Music dedicating the album to the memory of Boutkam.

Tracks like “Everybody Knows”, “Always”, “Isn’t it Right” and “If it’s up to me” are superb Country radio tracks. While the likes of Lennon / McCartney inspired “Through their Hands”, “That’s What She Said” and “Everybody Knows” have the makings of strong crossover singles.

For more information, please contact Alex: [email protected]

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