Two Cow Garage Update

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Two Cow Garage Update

Postby Jake » Tue May 25, 2004 12:38 pm

Subject : Two Cow Garage update

Hello Freinds:

We have some great shows upcoming. See below for the details. Other than that,
here's what is up:

--Shane sliced himself up pretty good a couple of weeks ago in upstate New York.
During the last song of the set his bass hit a low-flying light fixture and it
broke upon his face and left hand. Needless to say we were not concerned about
the four stitches on his face, but we were a bit worried about the nine on his
hand. We're glad to report that he's doing well despite the rough treatment he
received from the ER. He kept asking if he could get the sutures "with the happy

--Dustin's nickname is no longer "Spanky." His new nickname is "The Blister."
Why? I can't say over such a wide medium, but I encourage y'all to ask him when
you see him.

--During our recent few days off, Micah has spent his time ignoring all of us
and hanging out in "The Frontman's Room" (his bedroom) by himself. Don't be
fooled by his feigned sunny disposition. He's incredibly grouchy and constantly
mumbling to himself about the rest of us being "inadequate."

--Chris is gettin' hitched on July 31st. We've tried to talk his girl out of it
for her sake, but she ain't listening. Since we've been crashing at his place
for the last 10 months or so, we hope she won't mind when we move in with him.

--We're all extremely upset with OPEC right now. It costs us $60.00 to fill the
van up at this point. Why the Saudis gotta do Two Cow like that?

The upcoming shows:


05-28-04 High Beck (Columbus, OH)
05-29-04 Schuba's (Chicago, IL)
05-30-04 MAXFEST @ Points East (Milwaukee, WI)
06-04-04 The Bottom Lounge w/ GRAND CHAMPEEN (Chicago, IL)
06-05-04 Underground City Tavern (Springfield, IL)
06-10-04 Mojo's W/ ROBBIE FULKS (Columbia, MO)
06-11-04 Euclid Records (In-Store) (St. Louis, MO)
06-12-04 TWANGFEST @ The Duck Room (St. Louis, MO)
06-15-04 Little Brother's w/ GRAND CHAMPEEN (Columbus, OH)
06-17-04 Slate at Harpers Ferry (Allston, MA)
06-18-04 Rodeo Bar (New York, NY)
06-19-04 Americanarama at Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY)
06-20-04 Artvoice Street Festival (Buffalo, NY)
06-25-04 ComFest--Main Stage (Columbus, OH)
06-26-04 Andy Man's Treehouse (Columbus, OH)
06-30-04 The Blind Pig w/ RICHMOND FONTAINE (Ann Arbor, MI)

The website has all the specifics as to set times and addresses, so check it

The new record is scheduled for release on 9-14-04. We'll keep you posted.


Two Cow Garage

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