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pixie punk

The Martinis

Postby pixie punk » Wed Jun 09, 2004 4:28 pm

The Martinis-A Revelation
Distracted Records have found the Holy Grail Of Indie Power Pop,and Linda Mallari and Joey Santiago have fixed some Martinis in it!!!Smitten shows the greatest talent revelation of this year and the new milenium.Powerful and full of emotion,Linda's voice is truly a revelation.She's a charismatic and gifted singer/songwriter,guitarist and classically trained pianist.Her Pixie husband Joey,provides a perfect layer of dreamy,surfy and distorted guitar tones that elevate their music to another dimention and transports the listener to a perfect sonic nirvana ecstasy.Add to the cocktail the drumming talents of Josh Freese(The Vandals/A Perfect Circle)and other accomplished players who make Smitten an enjoyable masterpiece from start to finish!!!
Submitted by [email protected] in Puerto Rico

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