The Goldstars in Chicago, Friday, June 25

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The Goldstars in Chicago, Friday, June 25

Postby Jake » Thu Jun 24, 2004 5:11 pm

Pabst Blue Ribbon presents: The Goldstars @ the Beat Kitchen this Friday, June 25th. We may have lost the “Battle”, but gained a powerful corporate friend in PBR. Representatives at Pabst said not to worry about ever losing a Battle of The Bands again, they will do “whatever” it takes to make us #1. But by the same token, mentioned something about us owning them a “favor” down the road. Well, sounds good to us! Look in this weeks Onion for The Goldstars/PBR ad. Pabst bottles will be $2.00. OK, here are more details:

This Friday, June 25th
Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont – Chicago

We go on at 10:00 pm!

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