Dig! Dandy Warhols vs. Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Dig! Dandy Warhols vs. Brian Jonestown Massacre

Postby Jake » Fri Sep 03, 2004 2:22 pm

QT 60k: http://qt01.palmpictures.com/dgtr_q60.mov
QT 300k: http://qt01.palmpictures.com/dgtr_q300.mov
Real 56k: http://www.sputnik7.com/servlet/rpmplay ... r/file.ram
Real 300k: http://www.sputnik7.com/servlet/rpmplay ... r/file.ram
WM 56k: http://www.sputnik7.com/servlet/asxplay ... r/file.asx
WM 300k: http://www.sputnik7.com/servlet/asxplay ... r/file.asx

HOMEPAGE: www.digthemovie.com
IMAGES: http://www.palmpictures.com/b2b/theatri ... /index.htm
AIM ICON: http://www.palmpictures.com/b2b/aimicons.htm

Theatrical Engagements:
Wed Sep 22 New York NY Press Screening @ Magno
Mon Sep 27 New York NY Press Screening @ Anthology Film Archives
Fri Oct 01 New York NY Landmark Sunshine
Fri Oct 01 Los Angeles CA Landmark Nuart
Fri Oct 08 Brooklyn NY BAM Rose 4 Cinemas
Fri Oct 08 Irvine CA EDWD University Town Center 6
Fri Oct 08 Detroit MI Detroit Inst. Of Arts
Fri Oct 08 Berkeley CA Landmark Act 1&2 Cinemas
Fri Oct 08 San Francisco CA Landmark Lumiere 3
Fri Oct 08 Seattle WA Landmark Varsity Theater
Fri Oct 15 Portland OR Cinema 21
Fri Oct 15 San Diego CA Landmark Ken Theater
Fri Oct 22 Chicago IL Landmark Century Center
Fri Oct 22 Washington DC Landmark E-Street Cinema 8
Fri Oct 22 Cambridge MA Landmark Kendall Square
Thu Oct 28 Houston TX Landmark Greenway 3
Thu Oct 28 Dallas TX Landmark Magnolia Theater
Fri Oct 29 St. Louis MO Landmark Tivoli Theater
Fri Nov 05 Atlanta GA Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
Fri Nov 05 Austin TX Regal Cinemas
Fri Nov 05 Minneapolis MN Landmark Lagoon Cinema
Wed Nov 10 Rochester NY Little Theatre

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