Two Cow Garage--Tour Dates-Street Dates-Hootch-and more

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Two Cow Garage--Tour Dates-Street Dates-Hootch-and more

Postby Jake » Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:16 am

Two Cow Garage--Tour Dates-Street Dates-Hootch-and more

Where the hell should I start?

The new record, titled The Wall Against Our Back, will be available in retail outlets, online, and so on, on NOVEMBER 2nd. However, it will be available at shows beginning October 21st, so if you want it before the official street date, you'll just have to come to a show.

This is just the beginning....and many, many more to come.

* indicates show with the fantastic Li'l Cap'n Travis of Austin, TX

Thursday, October 21st, The Bottom Lounge (Chicago)*

Friday, October 22nd, Vaudeville Muse (Des Moines)*

Saturday, October 23rd, Frederick's Music Lounge (St. Louis)*
--Two Cow Garage Documentary (that's right...TCG goin' Hollywood)
--and The Radio Nationals!!!

Sunday, October 24th, Tom's Garage (Appleton, WI)*

Monday, October 25th, High Noon Saloon (Madison)*

Tuesday, October 26th, Points East Pub (Milwaukee)*

Wednesday, October 27th, Triple Rock (Minneapolis)* and w/ Old Yeller

Thursday, October 28th, The Melody Inn (Indianapolis)*

Friday, October 29th, Little Brother's (Columbus)* and w/ Tim Easton

Thursday, November 4th, Valentines (Albany)

Friday, November 5th, Mohawk Place (Buffalo)

Saturday, November 6th, The Barley Pub (Dover, NH)

Wednesday, November 10th, The Knitting Factory (NYC)

Thursday, November 11th, Cafe Nine (New Haven, CT)

Friday, November 12th, The Fire (Philadelphia)

Saturday, November 13th, The Mojo (Baltimore)

Monday, November 15th, Galaxy Hut (Arlington, VA)

Wednesday, November 17th, The Garage (Winston-Salem)

Friday, November 19th, The Evening Muse (Charlotte)

Again, a lot of these "empty" dates, will be filled in soon, so stay tuned....


So here'e the scoop. We could always use some cash to fill the gas tank. A lot of our shows over the last 2 years have been recorded and traded around and are readily available if you look around or ask on the Two Cow Garage Yahoo Group. But if you feel sorry for our poor asses, you can purchase the following live shows for a low, low, low price of $7.00:

--Wise Fools Pub (Chicago) 12-7-02
--Record Emporium, acoustic in-store (Chicago) 12-8-02
--Twang Off (Chicago) 5-15-03
--Mohawk Place (Buffalo) 7-5-03
--The Star Bar (Atlanta) 7-9-03
--KDHX-FM "on air" (St. Louis) 7-17-03
--Church of Love and Music (somewhere in Pennsylvania) 9-12-03
--The Star Bar (Atlanta) 9-24-03
--Dan's Silverleaf (Denton, TX) 12-3-03
--Sons of Herrman Hall (Dallas) 12-6-03


The show at Schuba's (Chicago) from 5-30-04 is available at eMusicLive for download. is where you can get it for a very reasonable price.

Like I said, you can probably scrounge around, and if you're persistent, find most of them for free, but why not help us continue to stay on the road?

That's all for now....see you at a show.


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