Muted Tones: a Tense Forms free mp3 series of music & so

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Muted Tones: a Tense Forms free mp3 series of music & so

Postby theverne » Tue Oct 05, 2004 3:14 pm

Seven curators, seven months, seventy minutes of music. Each month,
September to March is assigned a curator, who is asked to fill ten
minutes with the music or sounds of their choosing. They are invited to
keep a log of their work online, as they create it. At the end of the
month, their ten minute piece of music is made available on the web for
streaming or download. Volume Three is inaugurated with a piece by
Toronto's Aidan Baker. Past curators include TW Walsh (Pedro the
Amy Domingues (Telegraph Melts, Mary Timony), Alison Chesley (Poi Dog
Pondering) and Anthony Burton (Palliard, 41 Rivers). visit to stream or download, or for more

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