The Leeches: Hear em and come see a show.

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Temania Romanov

The Leeches: Hear em and come see a show.

Postby Temania Romanov » Sun Oct 06, 2002 4:35 pm

I am writing from a band called The Leeches , we are an avant punk female fronted band based in London, England. We are coming over to play the East Coast next month.

THE LEECHES, like all English people, are a miserable bunch of cynical, sexually repressed, embittered, lazy, beer-soaked, emotionally retarded, incomprehensible depressives......
THE LEECHES play their own high-energy brand of twisted anglo-ironic artpunk. When not attacking the establishment they’re quite happy to turn nasty on each other, their live shows teetering on disaster as they try their damnedest to cause each other embarrasment and injury.

Praised by The Guardian newspaper as “punk-art prodigies” they are proud to represent London at its best. Active, attractive and witty, they exhibit all the charms of their forebears, with the added talent of actually being able to play their instruments really rather well.

Sugar ‘n’ spite lyrics, guitars ranging from the perversely pretty to downright disembowelling........and a drummer whose dad famously told The Beatles that they’d never get anywhere with a name like that.

Currently riding on three singles released on their own label Medical Records, they have residencies at a number of top London venues including a rather notorious lap dancing club. Equally content to play to 30 or 3,000 people, THE LEECHES continue their quest to be a complete fucking nuisance.

......and they’re coming to America!

Our American tour dates are as follows:

Friday 18th October: Arlene Grocery, NY,NY, - 1am
Saturday 19th October : ABC No Rio, NY,NY - 3pm
Monday 21st October: Lakeside Lounge, NY,NY- 9pm
Tuesday 22nd October: The Kyber, Philadelphia, PA - 9pm
Wednesday 23rd October: CBGBs, NY,NY- 10pm
Thursday 24th October: Cafe Metropolis, Wilkes-barre, PA - 10pm
Friday 25th October: Images Nightclub, Fairview, NJ-
Saturday 26th October: Sidewalk Cafe, NY,NY- 9pm
Sunday 27th October: The Saint, NJ- 10pm
Monday 28th October: Bill's Bar, Boston,MA- 9pm
Tuesday 29th October: Brass City Records, Waterbury, CT- 6pm
Thursday 31st October:Food not Bombs house, Baltimore, MD
Friday 1st November: Cafe Tattoo, Baltimore, MD.
Saturday 2nd November: The Baggot Inn, NY, NY.- 11pm

We are releasing a ten track CD on 10.22.02 entitled "The Leeches", "Suck"
It will be available on

<a href=""></a>

Listen to a song:
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<img src="">

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Postby Jake » Mon Oct 07, 2002 10:41 am

No Chicago stop?

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