dewey defeats truman october tour dates

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dewey defeats truman october tour dates

Postby use it or lose it » Tue Oct 08, 2002 8:19 pm

dewey defeats truman.


10.11.02 san diego, ca, at the honeybee hive w/ buckfast superbee and charmless

10.12.02 las vegas, nev., the cooler lounge w/ charmless and tba

10.14.02 denver, co., at 15th street tavern w/ o'er the ramparts and tba

10.15.02 fort collins, co., at surfside 7 w/ bettie's defect

10.16.02 albuquerque, n.m. at launchpad w/ pilot to bombardier and tba

10.17.02 mesa, az., at hollywood alley w/ tba

10.19.02 tucson, az., at los sinfrontaras w/ la cerca all ages!

10.24.02 san francisco, ca., at the make-out room | devil in the wood magazine issue toast party (free show!!) w/ heavenly states and the red thread

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