Quasar Smurf-Smurf at Smurfas on Satursmurf, Feb 1st

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Quasar Wut-Wut

Quasar Smurf-Smurf at Smurfas on Satursmurf, Feb 1st

Postby Quasar Wut-Wut » Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:06 pm

Saturday, Feb 1st - Schubas (3159 N. Southport) - w/ The Detholz!

Dear Ladies and Gentlesmurfs,

The impossible has happened! Something even more smurfing than the time Azrael got his head smurfed in that bucket! Something even smurfier than the time Smurfette gave me that smurfjob right outside Brainy's window, no smurf!

"What is it" you smurf me? Well I'll smurf you: Quasar Smurf-Smurf is going to headsmurf a smurf at Smurfas! On a Satursmurf! No, this isn't one of Jokey's smurfing pranks, ask Papa Smurf! Smurf, go ask Brainy, he'll smurf you! Hah- I'm just smurfing with you... I wouldn't want to smurf Brainy either, he's a total smurf-bag. Anyways, I'm going, Painter Smurf's going, Cook, Harmony, Greedy, Vanity, Poet, Lazy, Hefty, uhm... Farmer, some of the Smurflings... smurf, even Grouchy's going, and he Hates Quasar Smurf-Smurf!

So yeah, do I need to smurf it out for you? Just go for smurf's sake! That other really smurfy band, the Smurfholz, are opening up for Quasar Smurf-Smurf, and I smurf they're all going to smurf-up like Gargamel and totally make smurf of him. That'll be really smurfing-funny, I guaran-smurfing-tee it. The whole thing will smurf around 9 o'smurf, and I don't want to smurf any of it, because these bands are The Smurf!

Smurf you later!

- Handy Smurf

PS. Internet Smurf wanted me to smurf these links for you:
Smurfas: http://www.schubas.com
The Smurfholz: http://www.detholz.com
- thanks Internet Smurf! Don't forget, I'm smurfing over to smurf you a desk later... what a smurfy day! I sure could use a cold smurf... Oh well... gotta smurf! Smurf!

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