Nicole Hart and Lance Ong To Wed at Lush Hawaiian Escape

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Nicole Hart and Lance Ong To Wed at Lush Hawaiian Escape

Postby justrootspr » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:34 am

Nestled between the majestic Koolau mountain range on the east side of Honolulu, Hawaii, northeast of Diamond Head State Monument on the north and alongside Maunalua Bay and the blue Pacific Ocean on the south, is the Waialae Country Club, an expansive private PGA golf course with breathtaking vistas, lush Bermuda grass, greens and fairways. With palm trees and other tropical vegetation which dot the layout and a natural stream that crosses the course and empties into the bay, it would be the perfect venue for any performer.  But to Nicole Hart and Lance Ong it is an idyllic backdrop for their wedding.

    Nicole Hart and Lance Ong will take their marriage vows August 8th (at 8 am) just after the sun breaks over the horizon from their view on the beach.  This panorama will provide a snapshot moment and the sound of circling seagulls and waves lapping on the beach will create a soundtrack that will stir their memories for a lifetime together. 

  "Many of you thought we were already married!  Well, if so, it is because Lance and I have been a team right from the beginning, and we are now making it "official!" writes Hart in a glowing wedding announcement to her many fans.

  To marry they waited for the perfect date, a date with a special significance. To the Chinese the number 8 symbolizes infinity-it has neither a beginning nor an end.  So for Hart and Ong, August 8th, 2008 (08/08/08) was the day they chose. 

  The bride will wear an island-style peacock blue and gold embroidered Tadashi gown purchased for the occasion.    The groom will wear a beautiful white embroidered shirt purchased from the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington. 

   Why was the Waialae Country Club, Honolulu, chosen to hold the wedding and reception?  According to Hart, "I had been to Hawaii previously and so loved it, that when Lance asked me to marry him, there was never any doubt that we would hold the ceremony there.  Also, Lance's family had all lived there for some time, so they know the local folks and it was very easy and economically sound to do it there, rather than fly everyone over here to New York.  Besides, it's just beautiful!  I hope to retire there someday!  Doesn't everyone?  I can always hope!"

  Nicole Hart and Lance Ong are members of Nicole Hart and The NRG Band, fronted by Nicole.  The band comprises vocals, bass, keyboards, drums and guitar.  The band's sound is described as a mixture of blues, funk, Rhythm and Blues and soul. They have played to rave reviews by fans and critics alike wherever they have played. They will wrap up an east coast tour which will take them from Ohio to as far south as Mobile, Alabama, the Florida panhandle and South Florida, then back home to New York again before they jet across country for their "Big Day" on the Honolulu beach.  

  When they return to the east coast to assume their lives as husband and wife, Hart and Ong will schedule recording their upcoming studio release with Blues Leaf Records which they hope to release Spring of 2009.

About the Bride and Groom
Nicole Hart
Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Nicole's timeless, powerful, intoxicating voice is beautifully soul/sweet - silky, then gritty - classic yet absolutely contemporary - and she is renowned for her electrifying stage presence.  Nicole's impressive resume includes work with a variety of music greats such as Harry Belafonte, Billy Joel, Michael Bolton, Oscar Winning Film Director Jonathan Demme, Richard Bona, Drew Zingg, Chuck Berry, & Bo Diddley; she has opened for Bernard Allison, Odetta, E.C. Scott and Richie Havens. She has the unique distinction of being the first-ever Caucasian singer for the Hall of Fame Rhythm and Blues super group, the Shirelles.

Lance Ong
Lance Ong, keyboards, vocals, musical director is 2nd generation Chinese-American.: Lance Ong was part of a team that produced, wrote and arranged over 700 songs and whose credits include a Grammy Award-winning record by Andre Crouch and recordings with David Sanborn, The Pointer Sisters, Grand Funk Railroad, Michael Murphy, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Anne Murray, Johnny Halliday and Sylvie Vartan, Trini Lopez, Erykah Badu and many others. His masterful command of the keyboards is undisputed.

We asked the bride and groom
How and where did Lance propose?
This is a secret…

As musicians, did you decide on a wedding song? What is it?
"At Last", because we found each other at last.

As you are getting married in Hawaii, where in the world will you possibly honeymoon?
Waikiki and Kuai.

What is the very first thing you will do upon returning to the mainland as husband and wife?  
We have a performance within 24 hours of landing!
The Wedding site:
Waialae Country Club.
4997 Kahala Avenue.  Honolulu, HI   96816
Ceremony will be held 8am ceremony on the beach!

To offer the newly weds best wishes:
Nicole Hart and Lance Ong 
[email protected]

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