The Halogens are in Chicago Wed 5/28, for the first time...

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The Halogens are in Chicago Wed 5/28, for the first time...

Postby jasonhalogen » Tue May 27, 2003 8:48 am


New here, don't kill me if mentioning a show on this particular thread is a bad idea.

I'm in The Halogens, some people think we're awe-inspiring and some couldn't care less. But either way, we're in Chicago on Wednesday, we've never been there before, and if anyone wants to check out some tunes and maybe come to the show, you can hear a whole bunch of stuff online at It's rather Brit-pop, we get things like Stereophonics, early Radiohead, Beatles and early Oasis (sort of the same thing) a lot. There's also a picture of me there - I'm the smug bastard in the front.

I'm up way too early because the booking agency we were working with turned out to be total crap, and this gig (which I secured) was the only one in a two-week tour that happened. So, um.... good morning. X-Men 2 is incredible, go see it. Tell them I sent you and get looked at funny.

Matthew, The Halogens, Sono, Spindle
The Bottom Lounge
Chicago, IL
Wed, May 28th, 9pm

Thanks for reading this little diatribe. I shall return.

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