Keith Olbermann rips Bush a new one

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Mixmaster Shecky
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Keith Olbermann rips Bush a new one

Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

This is way off topic, but too good not to pass along: Olbermann drives a Humvee straight up W's bunghole about waterboarding.

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Post by Dreamin »

That warmed my heart. Thanks for posting it!

miss carol
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Post by miss carol »

Nice. I think he should have gone one step further and forthrightly called for Bush's impeachment and charged him and his administration with crimes against humanity.

And at the risk of offense, I just spent the day reading the foreign press. I encourage more Americans to do so. The world doesn't revolve around the the US. I think (hope) I'm preaching to the choir, so take this as a gentle reminder.

It's been a long week....

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