Get Hung

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Get Hung

Post by ryanking »

William Hung's CD just came out. Finally, huh?

You know, I pretty much hate American Idol and everything it brought into this world, but I fucking love this guy. I love him like I love the Shaggs.

You gotta admit, the title, the cover, the words of inspiration, the song selection, it's perfect. We need about 80 more CDs like this. This CD should be number one on the chart for 12 weeks!!!

Johnny Loftus
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Post by Johnny Loftus »

From AMG: "..."Those three songs are so awful that they will indeed transcend Hung's brief moment in the spotlight to stand as novelty classics — which ain't the same thing as a good record, but it's probably going to be more than Jon Stevens, Camile Velasco, Leah LaBelle, or probably even John Peter Lewis and Fantasia Barrino will leave us with, when you think about it. Seacrest...OUT!" ... lvad8kq8w8


Post by Alias »

The American Idol sucks ass..."Get Hung", dude anyone who watches that show or buys anything associated with that mundane garbage is already hung...u pathetic indigent zombies

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Post by Maarten »

whoa! he looks even less like an idol than that kurt nilsen-guy!

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Post by dieblucasdie »

I bet his cover of "Hotel California" is still an improvement on the original. And sweet Jesus does Ryan Seacrest ever need to die.

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Post by DrinkinOxygen »

dieblucasdie wrote:I bet his cover of "Hotel California" is still an improvement on the original.
Come on, man... I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!

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Post by NickL »

I could understand people hating this show, but it's just so addicting if you watch from the beginning. Tarentino was a cool guest judge the other night too.

Mixmaster Shecky
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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

I gotta admit, I don't get the American Idol thing. Is it the cruelty of laughing at fame whores and bad singers? Do people really like the singers and root for them to win? If so, why?

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Post by DJMurphy »

American Idol is just further proof that overnite sensation = overnite flash in the pan. It is so much better to build slowly and EARN your place at the top (Beyonce, for a handy example) rather than get it handed to you and then snatched away (Justin Guarini, anyone?).

And yes, wasn't Seacrest one of the twelve plagues that befell Egypt? Crush that dwarf!!!!! DTMFA!!

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Post by Jake »

I'm a big fan of Idol. I even call in and vote for my favorites (several times!). Here's why I like it:

In the first few weeks, it's fun to watch the really bad singers who think they're good and have bad attitudes, and to see them get made fun of. It's also amusing to know the judges are being tortured by having to sit through hours and hours of mediocrity and sub-mediocrity. Ha ha. I don't like it when some nice, but not that great singer, gets humiliated by the judges for my benefit. I often skip right past that shit with my Tivo.

After they narrow down the finalists, it's a-whole-nother thing. Then you learn about their upbringing and get to know their personalities, and you develop immediate opinions to each of them. You hate some people and love some other people. You want to see the assholes get the boot and the sweethearts move on up.

The music is usually pretty bad, but that's what Tivo's 30-second skip is for. And sometimes the music is great. Generally, only the black people on American Idol are any good. This year is no exception. The only great singers are George Huff (who can really belt it out in a Sam & Dave/4 Tops kind of style), Fantasia Barrino who seems kind of ghetto but has a totally awesome voice and all kinds of style, soul and attitude -- plus she sort of has a cool Macy Gray/Billy Holliday thing going), and finally, homegirl Jennifer Hudson (who has this amazing gospel voice that just sends shivers down your spine). Seriously, these three singers are all 60s Motown worthy singers.

Of course, none of them will win. America will choose some total lame-o. But who knows? I usually try to vote at least 10 times per week, but I read somewhere in some article that a lot of people vote up to 750 times per week, so I might have to up my vote count to compete effectively.

Also, one more thing. The first year's winner, Kelly Clarkston, was really good. She sang an Aretha song on the show that totally blew my mind. And I like her single, "Miss Independent." It's a good, fun pop song. But that's the thing, after these kids get their recording contract, they record a bunch of overproduced schlock rather than let them be soulful and good.

Anyway, I'm a fan. It's sort of a guilty pleasure, but these are my reasons why I like it.

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