Eminem's 8 Mile Battles...and yours

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Eminem's 8 Mile Battles...and yours

Postby Jake » Tue Dec 03, 2002 10:43 pm

Click here for the earlier comments that had to be removed (these include the lyrics for all of Eminem's battles from 8 Mile).

Feel free to continue the conversation here...
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To Z-nasty

Postby Kaail » Tue Dec 03, 2002 11:57 pm

Z-nasty I think it's obvious you got me and my mom confused,
It's kinda hard to tell when yer deciding which condom for your dad to use.
but I refuse to use that against you fool,
yer a pussy bitch, everyone knows it too.

"I rap so serious like my nigga dan"
I bet you do, yer curious, "oh, pull MY trigger man!"
"cuz u suck jus like hockey wit a stick and a puck"
what the fuck? you think that shit is up?
it's not, I think your a bit off
you're gettin soft, like you do, when a girl walks in the room.
but thats o.k, I'm tearin your shit apart.
I'm disecting your raps, and showin em for what they are.
what is that?
it's nothing,
just a few mispelled words, inbetween some cussing.
but I'm loving this, whatching you try to diss.
you miss me like you miss the clit, when you try to fuck, but thats not it.
don't ya see? you can't compare to my obsenities,
get on your knee's and pray to me like divinity.
Bitch please, check them nuts before you step to these
see, now that yer my enemy, I can't say it gently
I have to break down your opinions that you spray individualy,
Are you pissed?
shit bitch, I don't give a fuck if your trippin out.
ya need to learn to quit yer shit, and shut your fuckin mouth.

but thats all I gotta say for now, anyway I'm out.



Postby Kaail » Tue Dec 03, 2002 11:58 pm

Thanks for the Opz for keepin the messages up.


Postby DNDSNF » Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:18 am

look at how kelly is still hating on z nasty

and how he kant even finish his shiet with me

you wont finish this shiet or you cant finish this deal

dont be mad or sad when my rhymed kiked your dick till

it turned to a greenish teal, and how you still wont feel

a thing, you and IN.S.M got your freaks on , its a fling

with y'all needle sized dicks enjoying how each other stings

look at that so called rap wrote by you not worthy for me to "disect"

Awww don be mad when your shiet dont intersect, lil mofo i'll squash u like an insect

when i see your rhyme i see a bug's life

viagra still cant satisfy your girl, i heard that from your wife

last time she sucked my cock, she dissed how yo dick moves slower than hour hand on the clock

after i screwed her i paid her a buck, she was so happy she got boned by my grandpa twice like a duck

you re running out of luck, "get down on your knees" and suck

your own dick , let it be "8 cm"

and once in your life you can be the protagonist juss like eminem

"dndsnf i think u were a lil hard wit the zit"

yo Z-NasTit, you jacked so many lines thats the reason you dont fit

y dont you go on and call my style generic

since you took so many shiet off the 8 mile freestyle lyrics

off this glorious noise site, you aint much of a fite

"pickin ur ass off the ground like dog shit" , wow you are a pretty good fortune teller

thats what your job is gona be, a shiet collector

wut u can do is to put all your rhymes into your collection

its juss a load of shiet and its illegal to use published lines with out citations.

get your shiet off this site, dont make us rile up a petition.

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Postby ryanking » Wed Dec 04, 2002 8:41 am

there goes the neighborhood...


Someone is gonna die

Postby IN S.M. » Wed Dec 04, 2002 1:44 pm

Dndsnf is about to die! He's about to get fucked up in this bitch right here. He won't be able to handle this heat! So stay the fuck out of the kitchen!!!

Yo, yo, yo!!
He's about to get fucked up
He's about to get stuck up and finished off 'fore I'm able to finish off anyone else, I wanna spin 'em off
I wanna spit and talk shit about anything about him
Anything my mind will allow me to battle rap shout him
And my anger's like a motherfuckin' pissed beetle
Cuz Dndsnf thinks me and kaail are fuckin' wit' motherfuckin' needles
Well he's wrong
Cuz me and him are sharpenin' that shit so we can roll over and hack off his pin-inch dick
And we'll actually need a magnifying glass to blast his past
See it's actually better cuz this car is maxed with gas
And I'm running you over with all four tires
Your gonna look higher than flyers settin' the twin towers on fire
And don't looked passed when your ass's grass is rolled up and smoked by tupac's ghost!
You are toked you are phony
It's pretty funny to see you fuckin' wit' z-nasty, that's classy
You said your grandpa was able to fuck his wife
Well I guess your right cuz you wouldn't have a chance in your life
To ever stick your dick in any sort of woman
The closest you'll get to stickin' your dick in a girl would be stickin' it in pudding
So don't talk, I just wanna see what kaail has to say
Don't go no where, this is still the start of your day!



Postby Kaail » Wed Dec 04, 2002 4:15 pm

Alright alright.... alright... yo... get this shit.
IN S.M.... Raze.... by boy betterthanZ....
now look..

Dndsnf how many motherfuckin times I gotta tell ya?
shut yer fuckin mouth man, my rhymes will straight up impale ya

yer spittin shit that don't make sense you want me to finish?
yer finished, I don't know why you think yer still in, yer not even livin.
your rhymes are makin me sick, I can't listen ta this shit
you kicked my dick? what the fuck is that... you need to sit...
with the rest of the bitches,
oh wait .. yer there, with Z-nasty and the rest of the queers.
I'm way over here,
I need to open my ears..
So I can listen to you drop shit, like you do on the commode
I'm in fight back mode, you need to button your mouth, hoe.

yer freakin out and talking about how you see a bugs life
what other toons you watch man? beauty and the beast? Princess of ice?
And what the fuck is this about your grandpa fucking ducks?
do you even know what you say? your dissin yourself, "that sux".

Man, It's gotta be a crime to spout the same fucking rhyme
everytime I read ya, yer saying the same thing as last time.
Come on guy... say somethin new,
what the fuck do I gotta do, to get through to you?!

If you want to out flow me, you need something original
now step the fuck back, think alittle, and give me the signal
when your ready, I'll let you step up to the plate
but watch what you say, cuz it will be right back in your face
turned around, a few words replaced, but either way
yer still not frontin, no one hears what you say.

(understand this)
when you fuck with BwA...
you fuck with me...
and thats the first mistake

I'm tellin you for the last time man, you need to watch your steps
I'm crazy, you motherfuckers, I'll do driveby's on your pets.
you can put your dogs in your house, but they can not hide
I'll break inside, slit thier throats and where thier fucking hide
I'll dance around your grave with my dick hangin out while I wave
cuz the devil gives you a brutal ass bangin, everytime you misbehave.
you shoulda listened man, thats all I gotta say
but you didn't listen to me, and now I'm shittin on your day.

I'm illist motherfucker to ever diss you, of all things
you need to pick yer jaw up, cuz I I shattered it, like I did yer dreams.
Now what the fuck you gonna say, that you haven't said to me?
nothin... yer done... step the fuck down now.. please.

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Postby Mixmaster Shecky » Wed Dec 04, 2002 4:17 pm

Curse you, Eminem, for giving adolescent surburban white boys the urge to "rap", if you can call it that...

D. Phillips
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Postby D. Phillips » Wed Dec 04, 2002 4:27 pm

Shecky, you got to admit that this line, "I'm crazy, you motherfuckers, I'll do driveby's on your pets," is funny as hell. I love all this flowing. Bring it on!

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Postby Jake » Wed Dec 04, 2002 4:33 pm

I like this one:

jake yous a nerd so stop tryin to correct spellin,
wen im finished wit u ur gonna have to correct the swellin

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