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Post by Jake »

Does it shock you how many crazy people think that they have to line their hats with aluminum foil in order to keep the governement and/or aliens from reading/controlling their minds?


The above site is obviously a joke, but a more serious question is WHY DO ALL THE CRAZY PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME IDEA? Maybe they're on to something...
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I like illustration #7-
"Use more tape to secure AFDB to your cranium."
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Post by Joshua »

Does that mean that there really isn't a team of black-clad ninjas stealthily working their way into my home armed with Ninja Knock-Out Powder and ice cold Coca-Cola?


Post by Guest »

I believe Metro is behind it all. He was a space man I met in Grand Rapids when I was 16. He had a special star marking on his palm and special powers he couldn't show us.
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Post by Proptronics »

Not to drag up old posts, but I believe Metro used to work for Reagan administration and learned too much. Thus, he was stripped of his powers and forced to remain a nameless, street urchin trying to open the eyes of the masses.
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