GLONO on your iPod?

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Do you want some GLONO on your iPod?

Poll ended at Thu Jul 14, 2005 1:07 pm

Yes, do a PodCast, bitches.
Yes, let me download GLONO articles to read on my iPod.
No votes
Do both, you lazy bums.
Nah, that shit is wack. Nerds!
I don't have an iPod so what do I care?
Total votes: 20

D. Phillips
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We're another step closer.
SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Computer Inc. released new software Tuesday designed to make it easier for users to listen to the increasingly popular, but largely unstructured podcast offerings.

Apple, which also announced color screens for its iPod digital music players, said the new iTunes software comes with a podcast directory that lists more than 3,000 free audio programs. It also sports a new menu and the ability to automatically send new episodes of podcasts to the user's computer.
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Post by L R »

GloNo Podcast? DO IT!
D. Phillips
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Post by D. Phillips »

L R wrote:GloNo Podcast? DO IT!
We;re looking into it right now.
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Post by Jake »

* Three-year bump *
Back then, I wrote:Does anyone actually want to read their iPod? Scrolling all that text and shit? Seems cumbersome as shit to me...
Kind of funny how much things can change in three short years, isn't it? Now I can't imagine not being able to check my mail, read articles, etc., on my phone. Then again, my iPhone's screen and UI is much nicer than my old school second-generation iPod I had back then...

We're still too lazy to do an podcast. Sorry.
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