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The "fire" is in Sven's pants. You know this.

but it's like a trick birthday candle

the harder you blow the more it burns

And how it burns...Yes it does, children! Burning with a hard, gem-like flame 'gainst entropic Time; burning across the razor thin edge betwixt Art & Life--that should it "slice," it do so cleanly--that the resulting "salami" then be Mystery, itself. The Ever-Unknowable.

Does that frighten you? Ah but Beauty--Beauty pure and blinding, unencumbered by tangles of Metaphor--yes Beauty Herself is terrifying, for She is Truth--and you can't handle the Truth! Whether She comes gentle as the Morning Star--or like Shiva, in full apocalyptic Fury--cast down your eyes, that you may be spared, to eat and drink and propagate another day!

You ask where the fire is.

Sven's Pants
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Wow, and I thought that my post was a smooch-up!! This one ought to feed his ego for at least another WEEK!!!
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Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote:I started drinking Stella Artois at 10:30AM for a nice day of fishing today.
(it was the only decent thing they had chilled but I was horrified to later find out it only got a 77 on beeradvocate.com)
After about 8 STELLAS and a 12 ounce glass of wine with lunch I
wrote that beautiful piece this morning.
I stand by it anyway. I think it's beautiful.
Hey, this is why I've been living vicariously through Sven for the last year or so.
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amighty wrote:
Maybe when the new Beastie Boys album comes out we can argue about it- otherwise I'll just wait for the OC to go into syndication.
soap opera channel has it...
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Post by Jake »

amighty wrote:will do - what else do I have to do?
You can read and comment on the front page posts. I know that DP and I have been posting stuff to the front page that in the past we might have posted on the boards. Sure, it can be seen as a little bloggier than we like to think we are, but we like having a steady stream of news and info and mp3s and stuff along with the reviews and features up there.
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At the risk of sounding like a cock sucking contributor, I'm not getting worked up about the lack of activity on these boards. As much as I like busting Sven's balls and appreciate his concern, it's a fucking message board, for Christsakes.
I get more concerned when the front page isn't updated, because after all, was it the message board that brought you to GloNo in the first place? If you're like me, it was some article on the front page that brought you here and then you discovered the cool motherfuckers that regularly contributed to the boards. Then, you tried like hell to get Miss Carol and Sven to send you naked jpegs, but ultimately failed.
The only thing I got was naked shots of Johnny Loftus, which I found to be strangely erotic.
But seriously, Phil Collins...
Take a look at Metal Sludge. Their message boards are retardedly active while they let their content go to shit.
Now, the regulars there barely have a reason to return.
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Jake wrote: You can read and comment on the front page posts.
You're right, I'm sorry. I'm on it.
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amighty wrote:Maybe when the new Beastie Boys album comes out we can argue about it
http://www.gloriousnoise.com/links/2007 ... videos.php
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